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Documents reveal that Indians wanted to know Armstrong’s caste after moon landing

In a shocking revelation, 70% of the Indians were searching for caste of Neil Armstrong after his moon landing news broke out. This disgusting story was revealed after many liberal activists requested media houses to declassify surveys done in 1971. After finding that 80% of the Indians were searching caste of Sindhu after his match, many liberal activists of LOL (liberal organization leaders) tried to know reactions of Indians after moon landing story of Neil Armstrong broke out.

One of the leading newspapers of India found a photocopy of postcard which journalist Ravish Rampal had sent PMO asking about the caste of Neil Armstrong. Even after several requests from him, the government didn’t respond. After this apathy from the government, many journalists united to run a physical survey and find awareness of Indians about Neil Armstong’s caste. The survey process mentioned in one of the newspapers states: a sample set of diverse population across India was identified and these journalists visited them to know their awareness about Neil Armstong’s caste.

To know more about the incident, our team approached elderlies across India who worked in LOL during 70s to know about the incident. An ex-LOL activist from Gujarat told us that these days dalits are oppressed in Gujarat. Our correspondent had a tough time bringing the elderly LOL activist back to the survey discussions. He finally agreed that such a survey was done in 1971. It was not made public because 99% of the surveyed people didn’t understand the relevance of question. Our correspondent ask him to explain how the survey team arrived at the 70% number. This is what he explained:

LOL team was looking for a real-time data. Since 99% of the sample population failed to answer us, we decided to take the real time. It was ’71, so the most realistic value was 71. However, the team wanted to remove religious sentiments from the survey. A brilliant atheist journalist from JNU suggested that God is One. To remove religious sentiments, we must subtract 1 from 71, hence 70%.

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Another ex-LOL activist from Ujjain told us that they wanted to prove that Armstrong was a dalit. This was very necessary for the dalit empowerment. According to him, the LOL team released a statement claiming that Neil Armstrong was brave enough to put his legs on the Hindu God “Chanda Mama” and thus challenged the brahmanical mindset of Indians.

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