Intellectuals who are sympathetic towards Naxal violence give sermons based on RSS Chief’s misreported statement

The media and left-liberal gang which has condoned Naxal violence and treated with kid gloves have spared no efforts in twisting the statements of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in Muzzafarpur. We had published the exact words he spoke in an earlier report.

“We are not a military organisation, our discipline is like that of the military. If the nation needs it, and if the constitution and the law says, then it will take 6-7 months to prepare (a/the)army. If sangh’s swayamsevaks are taken, will get ready in 3 days”

This statement was trying to emphasise that RSS activists are more disciplined and therefore, they could be trained faster than an ordinary citizen. However, this was twisted by media. Media reported that RSS was claiming that its volunteers can be trained faster than army men.

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Sermons published by ‘intellectuals’ on a misrepresented comment

The ‘intellectual’ gang pounced on this opportunity to write opinion articles on how an armed militia like RSS could be a threat to the concept of the Indian state. It is well known that the same gang was sympathising the activities of Naxals of India. They have also been silent on the political violence by communist parties in Kerala and West Bengal. However, they are always ready to pounce on an opportunity to write sermons on RSS.

In an editorial published in Indian Express, director of a ‘think tank’ named Takshashila institution wrote the following lines even after admitting that the statements of RSS chief were misrepresented in media.

What is of greater importance to the Indian republic is why the RSS should be mobilising a fighting force. No state can survive if it does not command a monopoly over the legitimate use of violence inside and outside the country. In fact, the question of the Constitution or laws calling upon the RSS to fight does not arise at all. Between the armed forces, territorial army, central paramilitary forces, reserve police, home guards and NCC, India can muster several million troops that are more than adequate to address any internal or external threat. And large numbers of them can be mobilised within days.

There is little doubt that most RSS activists and volunteers are motivated by intense patriotism and Hindu nationalism. Even so, it is wrong and deeply worrisome to suggest that its volunteers have any role to play in national defence or internal security. The Republic of India does not and must not outsource its fundamental responsibilities to political organisations.

However, the same ‘intellectual’ had felt that the attack by Naxals was just a troubling development and a not a grave threat to constitution or laws of the land. Why is just a ‘troubling development’ rather than a worrisome threat to the existence of the Indian state?

On another occasion, he chose to throw the blame of insurgency on the police forces rather than blaming the violent activities of Naxalites. In the case of RSS, the source of worry (that too a hypothetical manufactured one) is Hindu nationalism. But in the case of Naxalites, the source of the problem is the police force.

Urban Naxalites join the party in festival of hypocrisy

Yet another alleged urban Naxal Nandini Sundar who is accused of the murder of a tribal man, and allegedly has close contacts with hardline Naxalites and Maoists didn’t lose an opportunity to criticise the RSS.

A professor who allegedly has contacts with commanders of Naxal group criticising the RSS chief about his hypothetical army is truly a fine example of hypocrisy in modern India.

This Delhi University professor had also posted a tweet sympathising with Naxals when a school bus was attacked by those protesting against the movie Padmaavat.

Violence in all its hues has to be condemned. Sympathising one form of violence and condemning/condoning others will set a dangerous trend for the future.

Watch out for hypocrites who hold pole positions in academia

The hypocrisy and double standards of these personalities will be forgotten. The selective silence of these people who hold pole positions in academia and ‘intellectual’ circles is indeed worrying. They have the ability to frame the debate in their favour and influence gullible audience in the future as well. Thus, the trend of twisting arguments and using them to further political agenda of these groups must be watched closely and criticised.

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