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‘EVM hacking’ drama : The invisible hand of the sore losers working in ‘personal capacity’

Change the judges. Change the voting system. Change the CBI: I need no prompting. I am quite certain that everyone here was acting in a personal capacity.

Change the judges. Change the voting system. Change the CBI.

These are not the cries of a five-year-old child who is making a scene at the department store because he has spotted a candy bar or a shiny new toy. These are the ramblings of an ecosystem that caters to a fully grown man who, thanks to his family privilege, still gets to act like he is five years old.

The latest in the sore loser protocol? A much-publicized drama about an “expert” who rambled along incoherently about “hacking” EVMs, spouted a bunch of ridiculous conspiracy theories, failed to demonstrate anything but still managed to create a buzz.

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This is fake news being manufactured before our eyes. It is custom made for circulation on Whatsapp forwards to those who aren’t paying attention.

Of course, the Congress Party had nothing to do with this. How could it be otherwise?


No, Sibal wasn’t representing the Congress at the press conference, but the hacker’s claims are serious, the Congress Party says. I suppose it was all in “personal capacity”.

This has been happening a lot lately. The “personal capacity” of the members of the opposition is at an all-time high.

So middleman Christian Michel, a person of major interest in Agusta Westland scam, is captured and brought to India.


And Aljo K Joseph, the National in charge of the Legal Department of Indian Youth Congress just happens to be waiting for him. Immediately after the hearing in Patiala House Court, Aljo Joseph drives to the Congress Party Headquarters.

All in “personal capacity” of course.


More of “personal capacity”. We can’t connect any of this to the Congress Party nor its leader Rahul Gandhi.

Isn’t it amazing? While every single right-wing social media troll, every cow vigilante, every petty criminal who has ever stolen a few thousand rupees from a missionary school, every drunkard on the street who has ever thrown a stone at a church is linked directly to PM Modi, the actions of Congress office bearers and  senior leaders like Kapil Sibal are supposed to be seen as having nothing to do with the party. There are online
“news” portals dedicated to scanning the Twitter accounts of BJP leaders and then checking the last 10 years of social media history of every account they “follow” online.

The desperation to find a BJP link to any untoward incident or allegation: it can get comical.


Yes, PM Modi inaugurated the Statue of Unity. The sculptor of the Statue of Unity was one 93-year-old Ram Sutar, who has created 50+ well-known statues of politicians over the years. Nehru himself commissioned Ram Sutar to create the bronze monument called Triumph of Labor at the Bhakra Dam. In Parliament complex itself, there are 16 statues erected by Ram Sutar. But Ram Sutar has a son Anil whose son Sameer is one of five directors in a company accused of failing to complete a project in Noida.

Big scandal. Will PM Modi resign?

Meanwhile, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhawan, Aljo Joseph, all enjoy the privilege of acting in “personal capacity”.

Let alone big political issues, court cases and corruption scandals that could have a major political impact, the invisible hand, acting in “personal capacity” surfaces even in matters of basic human interest. Such as protecting girl children from genital mutilation.


And even if Supreme Court had a say, I guess they would have no time for it, because they might be much too busy regulating the amount of water that can be poured on top of the Shiv Lingam at Ujjain Mahakaleshwar temple.

From EVM hacking rumours to Agusta Westland to Female Genital Mutilation, the invisible hand is always there, acting in a personal capacity.

And sometimes, by chance, we get to see a handshake.


This was immediately after the historic press conference by four judges of the Supreme Court in Jan 2018. After addressing the people’s court, Justice Chelameshwar shook hands with one of the “people’s representatives”. A Rajya Sabha member, who represents Tamil Nadu, despite the fact that his party does not have a single MLA in TN Assembly.

I need no prompting. I am quite certain that everyone here was acting in a personal capacity.

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