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As Pakistan resorts to heavy ceasefire violations again, what peace are we talking about?

While the 'liberals' can put up Imran Khan posters in the bedroom, much like smitten teenagers, India has over 1 Billion people to keep safe and it is time that we stop giving any weight to Pakistan's hollow words of "peace" every time India starts peeling their skin.

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In the wee hours of Friday morning, Pakistan did what it does best. After crying about peace and winning accolades from our own “liberals”, it resorted to heavy shelling towards Indian posts and villages in Kamalkote area of Uri in Baramulla district. Reportedly, intermittent firing continued throughout the night. While some reports indicate that a civilian has been injured, others say there may have been one civilian casualty.

After Pakistan tasked Jaish-e-Mohammed to carry out the Pulwama attack of 14th February 2019, India had responded by carrying airstrikes deep inside Pakistan territory, reaching all the way up to Balakot. India bombed Jaish-e-Mohammad camps inside Pakistan’s territory, calling it a non-military action. The world stood toe-to-toe with India, supporting our right to self-defence. As tensions built up, Pakistan retaliated by breaching our airspace and trying to bomb our military installations.

It is rather intriguing that for Pakistan, the response for India flattening terror camps, products of which have been raising Jihad against India was attacking India’s military assets. It was almost as if Pakistan admitted that terrorists are a part, officially or unofficially, of their military might. That if India attacks the terrorists, they will attack Indian military. This, after they already had sent a suicide bomber for an attack that claimed 44 lives.

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During the dogfight, India made history by shooting down American made F16, which was being used by Pakistan to attack India with the flying-coffin, ageing Russian MiG21. In the process, however, one of our pilots, Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured by Pakistan.

Pakistan, which is bound by the Geneva Convention to return a Prisoner of War and was scared out of its wits after the Indian mobilisation said that it would return Abhinandan to India. Of course, not before beating him black and blue and parading him to save its own skin.

For the liberals, Imran Khan became the hero. They called him the messiah of peace because he “chose” to follow the Geneva Convention. They called him a dove because, spooked by India’s aggressive stance, perhaps for the first time in History, Pakistan realised that it was running out of cards to play. For the first time, India said ‘enough’.

So far, Pakistan has been using terrorists to bleed India with a thousand cuts and using India’s “talk” to justify its overspending on military and its begging for alms from the United States. This time, however, India decided to fly its fighter jets deep into Pakistan, a few kilometres away from Abbotabbad, and bomb the terrorists. Pakistan came face to face with a real possibility – that it might actually have to defend itself against India which has an army that neither their terrorists nor their army could fight.

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For Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan, the decision to return Abhinandan was one of self-preservation and not of benevolence. After all, he is the same Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan who suggested that Pakistani Taliban should be allowed to ‘open an office’ in Pakistan to facilitate “peace talks”. That’s not all. Imran Khan was also Taliban’s pick as peace talk mediator with Nawaz Sharif government.

In 2002 he had even said that the Taliban’s ‘holy war’ in Afghanistan is justified by Islamic law while visiting the hospital where Malala Yusufzai was treated a week prior. Malala, then a schoolgirl, was shot in the head by the Taliban in Swat valley of Pakistan in October 2012 for writing against the atrocities of Taliban in Swat Valley of Pakistan. This is the same Malala who today, wails for peace and keeps quiet when Pakistan attacks India with terrorists.

This is the same Imran Khan who posed with a weapon in the esteemed presence of terrorists.

This Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan was hailed as hailed by Indian “liberals” because their hate for Modi overpowers their sense and sensibilities.

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While Indian “liberals” slobbered over Imran Khan who talked tall about “peace” and “de-escalation”, the rogue, terrorist nation resorted to heavy shelling along the border and injured one civilian.

The “liberals” love talking peace because they have built their career on tear-jerking. The fact, is, however, there can never be any “peace” with Pakistan because a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Pakistan is a terrorist country and should be acknowledged as such, led by a man who has actively supported Taliban and endorsed Jihad several times.

Every time India stands firm, Pakistan will whine with the held of the Pakistani-by-heart Indians and get India to back off, only to go back to its old ways the moment India blinks.

While the ‘liberals’ can put up Imran Khan posters in the bedroom, much like smitten teenagers, India has over 1 Billion people to keep safe and it is time that we stop giving any weight to Pakistan’s hollow words of “peace” every time India starts peeling their skin.

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Editorial Deskhttp://www.opindia.com
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