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Meet the man who walked up to Swara Bhaskar at the airport and said ‘Aayega To Modi Hi’

V Ranjha said that he was a fan of Swara Bhaskar as an actress, though as a politician, he would like to see Prime Minister Modi return to power since there is truly no other leader of his calibre in the country right now.

On 8th May 2019, a short video clip went viral on Social Media where a man was seen taking a selfie with actress Swara Bhaskar. In the clip, while taking a selfie, the man, with a cocky smile says to Swara Bhaskar, ‘par ma’am aayega to Modi hi’.

The viral video became a rage among netizens with several memes of the video cropping up. While Modi supporters were extremely supportive of the video and couldn’t get enough if it, Swara Bhaskar lashed out and said that when a guy asked her for a selfie at the airport, she obliged “because she doesn’t discriminate people who want selfies based on their politics”. She said he “sneakily shot a video”. In her iniminable spiteful and hateful style, she said underhand and tacky tactics are the trademarks of ‘bhakts’.

OpIndia decided to reach out to the man in the video, who was identified as V Ranjha, a Punjabi singer to understand what his version of the entire event was.

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V Ranjha said that he had asked Swara Bhaskar for a snap story which has audio and video both. He lashed out at Swara saying that if she didn’t like it, she should have asked him to delete it right then and there. He said he wouldn’t want to impugn motives to Swara and maybe she didn’t hear him properly over all the Airport noise when he asked her for a snap story.

He said after he said ‘aayega to Modi hi’, Swara Bhaskar simply said that ‘we shall see on 23rd May’ and walked away. If she had a problem with the snap story, she should have demanded that he delete it instead of retweeting it and ensuring that it reaches more people.

In fact, V Ranjha said that he was a fan of Swara Bhaskar as an actress, though as a politician, he would like to see Prime Minister Modi return to power since there is truly no other leader of his calibre in the country right now.

When asked why he took exception to Swara Bhaskar’s political views, he said that he, or anybody for that matter, did not have an issue with her politics but her stand on issues when it comes to the Indian army and Pakistan. He said he took exception to her tweet about Major Leetul Gogoi who had tied a stone pelter to his jeep to ensure the safe passage of poll officials who were stuck amidst a stone pelting mob.

When asked which statement regarding Maj Gogoi he took exception to, he said he wouldn’t want to repeat the abusive word used by Swara Bhaskar but its there on record. When we looked, we presumed he was talking about the following tweet that has raised a severe backlash on Twitter.

Eventhough Swara had claimed that she was talking about the Una incident, nobody believed her because she had criticised Major Leetul Gogoi’s last ditch effort to save officials extensively.

Swara Bhaskar’s leanings towards Pakistan are also quite apparent and have been spoken about extensively from time to time. In a video, she had praised Pakistan extensively while saying that she wanted to use ‘decent words’ since she was in Pakistan.

She had also credited Taliban Khan with the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan recently, when clearly, the events had pointed towards severe pressure put on Pakistan by the Modi government that led to her release. In fact, Abhinandan was mentally and physically assaulted when he was in Pakistan.

When asked about what he thought of Swara Bhaskar campaigning for Kanhaiya Kumar, V Ranjha said that if she wants to campaign for someone who wants ‘tukde tukde’ of the country, then that’s her choice.

Ranjha also said that he did what he did because he wanted to share it with some of his friends and had no idea it would go this viral. He didn’t want “publicity” as he already has worked with T-Series and has a song with over 3 million views on YouTube.

He said he had a substantial following on Social Media and didn’t need to do all this for publicity.

The trouble for Swara Bhaskar doesn’t just end with V Ranjha. Another incident has come to the fore where Swara has been trolled.

After a lady journalist took the interview of Swara Bhaskar, she posted on her Facebook page saying thought she had a great time interviewing her, but ‘aayega to Modi hi’.

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