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Modi Shining, Rahul a loser.. it’s not 2004, but 2014 again

What remains to be seen is whether the opposition will actually introspect on how horribly they have got India wrong, or would they continue with the same, never-ending cycle of abuse and lies. 

Prime Minister Modi is set to win and is set to win big. According to trends so far, BJP is set to clock a larger victory than in 2014. Till last night, despite the Exit Polls giving a massive victory to BJP, several supporters of the party were fearful that 2019 could be a repeat for the dreadful 2004 where Exit Polls had predicted a massive victory for Atal Bihari Vajpayee but in an emotional twist of events, Vajpayee lost. As things stand now, 2019 seems to be a repeat of 2014 and Rahul Gandhi, continues to be a loser.

Just recently, Rahul Gandhi had revealed that his true intention was to dent PM Modi’s ‘incorruptible’ image. Speaking to several media houses, Rahul Gandhi said that he had succeeded in dismantling the clean image that PM Modi had. It was clear then that Rahul Gandhi was basing his campaign not on what he could offer to the people of India, but just the opposition’s unbridled hatred for Modi. The ‘chowkidaar chor hai’ campaign was evidence of the kind of venom that Rahul Gandhi harboured. It was hardly surprising considering it was his mother who had first called Modi ‘maut ka saudagar’.

Rahul Gandhi, throughout the campaign, lied and then lied some more. PM Modi was abused mercilessly, vilified, called names and not just by Rahul Gandhi or other politicians, but the entire Congress ecosystem.

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In fact, it was not just PM Modi who was vilified. His supporters and in turn, every Hindu of the country was abused and branded. The “liberal” ecosystem thinks of PM Modi as the one politician who has been able to consolidate the Hindu vote and hence, in their mind, Hindus had to be vilified. They tried to brand Hindus are violence, lynching, terrorists just to scare the majority into submission. Sadhvi Pragya, after being tortured and falsely implicated, was once again vilified when BJP fielded her and in turn, Modi was branded as a “saffron terror” apologist.

The international media too jumped in. The Economist, New York Times and assorted rags regurgitated the same bile that is often spewed by Indian “liberals”.

In the end, however, the truth prevailed. The electorate of India, which has matured considerably, pierced through the veil of propaganda and lies to elect a decisive government, seating PM Modi in the Prime Minister’s seat yet again.

Modi has passed through blazing fire and emerged victorious. What we can expect now is the “liberal” ecosystem regrouping after the initial shock wears off to brand the millions who voted for Modi as terrorists. The brand the ones who voted for BJP has Hindu fanatics, fascists and the ones who destroyed democracy. Their rhetoric never changes. It is almost like being stuck in a bad movie that refuses to end.

What remains to be seen is whether the opposition will actually introspect on how horribly they have got India wrong, or would they continue with the same, never-ending cycle of abuse and lies.

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