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The cooked up Gurugram ‘hate crime’ incident: A nefarious tactic to pave the way for a revolution?

There'as a certain method to this madness that reeks of malevolent intents.

The much talked about Gurugram ‘hate crime’ has turned out to be another instance where a crime was deliberately peddled to have been motivated by religious hatred without any basis in fact. Twitter was abuzz yesterday when newly elected BJP MP Gautam Gambhir preached secularism over the matter.

Now, according to CCTV footage accessed by the Police, nobody forced the alleged victim, Barkat Ali, to remove his skull cap as he had claimed. The facts were quite the opposite, the cap had fallen during a minor scuffle in a drunken frenzy and Ali had picked it up himself and stuffed it in his pocket. Moreover, his complaint makes no mention of him being forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ either.

Thus, it appears to be another case where a communal angle was deliberately cooked up to malign Hindus. Such incidents have happened in the past as well. An extremely similar series of events had transpired in March involving an incident in Gurugram itself.

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A video had gone viral on social media which depicted a mob barging into the home of a Muslim family and thrashing its residents. The whole ‘minorities under threat’ narrative were cooked up and even Rahul Gandhi used the incident to attack the Narendra Modi government. Claims were also made that the victims were told to ‘Go to Pakistan’.

In the end, it was revealed by the Police that the violence actually occurred over a cricket match and such slogans involving Pakistan were never mentioned in the complaint itself. The actual fight began when a child was hit with a ball which in turn spiralled into a massive fight involving groups. Even the victim family had told the Police that it was not a communal hate crime at all and that they had been living in the area for a long time without facing any trouble.

In 2017, a Muslim boy called Junaid was murdered on a train. The mainstream media outlets, as usual, spun a yearn that he was murdered because he was suspected of carrying beef. The ‘liberal elite’ had even taken to the streets and initiated the “Not in my name” protests. But later it turned out that the entire narrative was based on a lie. The Punjab and Haryana High Court in its judgment the following year confirmed that the murder was a consequence of a seat dispute and there was no communal angle to it at all.

IndiaSpend runs a biased ‘hate-tracker’, the entire purpose of which is to paint Muslims as victims of hate crimes regardless of actual motivations. For instance, in September 2018, when one Azhar Khan was beaten up for fishing near a temple, it was considered a hate crime even though the motive were nowhere religious and IndiaSpend was not aware of the identity of the perpetrators as per their own data.

The timing of the current wave of Fake News regarding the Gurugram incident is also important. At a time when BJP workers are being murdered with impunity after the declaration the election results, it appears to be an extremely convenient way to deflect attention from the post-poll violence the victims of which are primarily BJP supporters. It appears to be an extremely nefarious tactic to bury the news of the deaths of numerous BJP karyakartas and thereby, give Opposition leaders like Mamata Banerjee a free pass.

Moreover, the mainstream media appears to have made it its primary objective to keep the communal pot boiling. The Prime Minister hasn’t even taken oath yet and he is being blamed for every crime under the Sun. The entirety of the first term of the NDA government saw the mainstream media constantly feeding the fear psychosis of the Muslim community. Going forward, it appears New India will still have its old media holding it back.

For the Left, it’s extremely important to keep peddling this narrative. The ultimate goal here is to forge a Dalit-Muslim vote-bank. Therefore, we can expect fake narratives around crimes against Dalits as well.

The long term effects of this can obviously be devastating for the social fabric of the country. If Muslims are constantly fed the narrative, wrongly, that they are being targeted due to their religious identity by people who have the backing of the state, they will be that much more prone to radicalization by terrorist outfits.

The mainstream media, on repeated occasions, has displayed the inclination to whitewash the hate crimes committed by Muslims against Hindus. Thus, it appears the strategy of the Left cabal is threefold: Perpetuate the fear psychosis among Muslims thus making them more vulnerable to radicalization, whitewash the hate crimes of Muslims against Hindus by justifying the crime committed by blaming it on alienation and other myths, sustain this propaganda over a long period so that the country remains on a perpetual pot boil thus precipitating circumstances that could pave the way for a ‘revolution’.

The sustained barrage of fake news spanning more than five years cannot be blamed on mere incompetence alone. We have to accept the possibility that there is a certain sinister design behind the madness. Even as Hindus being attacked for their religious identity, as they have been all this while, the mainstream media maintains a stoic silence over them. While political violence is taking the lives of BJP karyakartas, a narrative based on fake news gathers primacy over it. There’as a certain method to this madness that reeks of malevolent intents.

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