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Malala Yousafzai spreads fake news, claims girl from Kashmir missed her exams on August 12 which was an Eid holiday

Malala claimed that she spoke to three Kashmiri girls, who said to her that the current situation in Kashmir was of 'complete silence' and said that all they could hear was the steps of troops outside their windows which was 'really scary'.

Malala Yousafzai, the face of the ‘signature feminists’, has yet again woken up from her deep slumber to expose her dubious intellect and hypocrisy, and spread fake news on Kashmir.

In a series of tweets, Malala Yousafzai resorted to parroting fake Pakistan propaganda after she attempted to sell ‘fiction’ stories as the current reality of the state of Jammu and Kashmir following the revocation of special status in the state. In doing so, ‘Nobel laureate’ Malala was caught peddling lies by social media users and was also schooled for her ignorance on the ongoing issue.

Malala Yousafzai, who otherwise remains silent fearing Islamists and Pakistani establishment, on Saturday, tweeted that she was concerned about alleged reports of 4,000 people, including children, arbitrarily arrested and jailed in Kashmir and called on leaders to work towards peace in Kashmir.

Furthering her propaganda, Malala said she spoke to people living and working in Kashmir, especially the journalists, human rights lawyers and students last week and that she directly spoke to girls living there.

However, in her attempt to spread her anti-India propaganda, Malala said that she heard from the people Kashmir directly despite having a ‘communication blackout’. One wonders what ‘communication blackout’ are the ‘activists’ outraging about when all of them claim to have spoken to people living in Kashmir. Furthering her lies again, she added that Kashmiris were cut off and unable to make their voices heard to the rest of the world.

Malala does not stop there. She claimed that she spoke to three Kashmiri girls, who said to her that the current situation in Kashmir was of ‘complete silence’ and said that all they could hear was the steps of troops outside their windows which was ‘really scary’.

The best part of Malala’s story is that when she claimed that one of the three girls said to her that she could not go to school to appear for her exams that were supposedly held on August 12. As the girl missed her exams, she cried to Malala that she was now purposeless and depressed. “I feel my future is insecure now. I want to be a writer and grow to be an independent, successful Kashmiri woman,” said one of those three girls to Malala.

Malala Yousafzai, with her astute quality for fiction writing, may win her second Nobel prize for her literature as well. According to Malala, one of the three girls missed her exams on August 12. However, August 12 is a notified holiday declared across India on the occasion of Bakr Id or Eid ul-Adha.

Official List of Holidays in 2019. (Source:

Even on the Jammu and Kashmir General Administration Department website, 12th August is clearly marked as Eid.

Jammu and Kashmir calendar (source:

Malala is indulging in spreading fake news when she claims that a Kashmiri girl missed her exams on August 12 due to the alleged restrictions placed in Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Malala’s outright lies do not end here with her stories pertaining to Kashmiri girls. She is also being schooled on social media with facts regarding her claim of the so-called ‘communications blackout’ in the Kashmir.

Journalists and social media users are pointing out to the fact that they themselves had visited Kashmir valley following the revocation of special status. They also rejected the claims of any communication blackouts and other restrictions placed in Kashmir as tweeted by Malala.

Harsh Vardhan Tripathi, an independent journalist has also exposed Malala’s claims of communications blackout. Sharing the video of his reportage in Kashmir taken on the day of Muharram, Tripathi accused Malala of spreading rumours pertaining to the situation in Kashmir.

Contrary to Malala’s claims of India attacking people of Kashmir by arresting people including children, it is her own country Pakistan that is targetting children in Kashmir. As usual, it is the Indian Army despite being ill-treated by the Kashmiris are helping and aiding the Kashmiris against the terror perpetrated by Pakistan against the of the people of Kashmir.

Malala Yousafzai, who is known for her selectivity in condemning human rights abuses, has always chosen to remain tight-lipped against the atrocities that Islamic societies inflict on other societies. Her own country Pakistan has been exporting terror to other countries while killing its own citizens including Pashtuns, natives in Balochistan and Sind.

Fearing for Pakistani establishment, Malala has also chosen to remain silent on the barbaric incidents of conversions that has become rampant in Pakistan. However, when it comes to taking moral high-ground on issues pertaining to non-Islamic countries, Malala sticks her neck out express her own hypocrisy.

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