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From MSP to APMCs, here are 5 lies about farm laws by opposition busted by PM Modi in his speech today

“Those who are waving their flags and attempting to gain political mileage will have to answer. You have time to mislead Punjab farmers, but no time for those of West Bengal and Kerala,” PM Modi dared the opposition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the nation and interacted with the farmers over the farm reforms initiated by the Union government following the passage of the three farm bills in September 2020.

As Prime Minister Modi interacted with the farmers from different parts of the country, he took the opportunity to dispel doubts and apprehensions concerning the three farm laws passed by his government. PM Modi slammed the opposition political parties, left-wing activists and detractors who have been weaving lies to mislead farmers on the newly introduced farm laws.

Are the three farm laws passed by the Modi government anti-farmer in nature as claimed by the opposition?

One of the most pernicious lies spread by the opposition parties and left-wing activists is that the farm-laws are patently anti-farmer in nature, enfeebling them and empowering the corporates. Busting this propaganda, PM Modi said his government has created such a robust system that strong laws would benefit the farmers.

Assuring the farmers, PM Modi told farmers that they can sell their agriculture produce to whomsoever they wish and the laws legislated by the central government would protect their interests.

Taking the heat on the naysayers, PM Modi asserted that those who are instigating the farmers against the central government are doing so to keep themselves relevant in the politics.

Opposition claims Modi government will shut down mandis. Here is the truth

The other sinister lie that opposition politicians and left-leaning ‘intellectuals’ are peddling is that the enforcement of the new laws would lead to closures of the APMCs. PM Modi addressed this lie too while speaking farmers from several states, as part of the virtual event after releasing the instalment of PM-KISAN to nine crore farmers. 

“I want to remind you again that many months have passed since these laws were implemented, have you heard any news of a single mandi being closed in any corner of the country?” PM Modi asked.

PM Modi assured farmers that the APMCs would continue to operate as normal and that they would be free to sell their agricultural produce in Mandis as they traditionally have been selling or to private buyers that the provisions in the new laws have enabled.

PM Modi debunks opposition’s lies surrounding guarantee on MSP prices

Interacting with the farmers from different states, PM Modi cautioned them against the lies that are being propagated regarding the Minimum Support Prices(MSP) on agricultural produce. He stated that confusion is being sowed in the minds of the farmers that the central government is going to abolish the MSP prices. Putting paid to these rumours, PM Modi assured that the MSP would stay like before and the government would continue to procure from the farmers at the pre-decided MSPs.

PM Modi also reiterated how his government is committed to the welfare of the farmers. He pointed out Centre’s efforts to ensure that farmers get a fair price for their produce. He also stated that his government implemented the Swaminathan Committee and raised the MSPs to one and a half times the actual costs incurred by farmers on their crops.

Will farmers be forced to sell their produce only to corporate buyers? PM Modi responds to the claims

Regarding the unfounded claims that the farmers will be forced to sell their produce to the large corporate buyers, PM Modi said that with the new farm laws his government has only tried to unlock new opportunities for the farmers of the country. He once again reiterated that the farmers will have complete authority over their produce and nobody can or would force them into selling it to any particular buyer. Farmers alone would decide where and to whom they want to sell their produce, PM Modi said.

“You want to sell your produce at MSP? You can sell it. You want to sell your produce in the market. Nobody is going to stop you from doing it. If you want to export your produce, you can go ahead and sell overseas. And if you want to sell it to a private businessman, you can even do that,” PM Modi explained while debunking lies and misinformation surrounding the rumours that farmers would be compelled to sell their produce to corporates.

The aim behind passing the new laws, PM Modi said, was to provide the farmers with new avenues to sell their produce. He stated that the central government has digitally linked more than 1,000 Mandis across the country, adding that business worth about Rs 1 lakh crores has already happened through them.

PM Modi dares opposition to speak truth on farm laws and implications on APMC act

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Modi attacked the opposition parties for spreading misinformation and lies that the land of farmers will be snatched away if farmers enter into contract farming. PM Modi, interacting with farmers who cited benefits from new farm laws, said some parties were pushing political agenda by opposing new farm laws.

“Today, more than Rs 18,000 crores have been directly deposited in the accounts of farmers – no middlemen, no commissions,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi said that these opposition parties want to incite the farmers in Punjab, but do not want to talk about Kerala, where there is no APMC.

“Those who are waving their flags and attempting to gain political mileage will have to answer. You have time to mislead Punjab farmers, but no time for those of West Bengal and Kerala,” PM Modi dared the opposition.

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