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Red Fort Insurrection: Deep Sidhu, his Khalistani links, role in violence and how ‘liberals’, who made him a hero, are now using him to save others

The left-liberal intelligentsia, joining hands with the Congress party and its troll, are now busy carrying out false propaganda to link the Punjabi actor to the ruling BJP.

On Tuesday, even as the country celebrated the 72nd Republic Day, rioters disguised as farmers stormed the capital and unleashed massive violence and on the streets of Delhi.

The rioters started an insurrection against the government by occupying the national monument Red Fort on a historic day and unfurled a Sikh religious flag after disrespecting the Indian tricolour at the ramparts of the Red Fort. The shocking scenes of rioters storming the Red Fort to throw away the tricolour and hoist the Sikh flag at the premises created a shock wave across the country.

In the planned insurrection by so-called farmers, instigated by politicians from the Congress, “farmer” leaders like Tikait Singh, career-protestors-and-shape-shifters like Yogendra Yadav, etc, almost 300 policemen were injured with 2 admitted to the ICU. The nation saw horrifying images of mobs running amok with swords, stones, sticks and even guns. Now, FIRs have been filed against the “farmer” leaders who instigated violence and shape-shifter Yogendra Yadav, whose tentacles were found not only in the current spate of violence but also the anti-Hindu riots of 2020.

Amidst the rampant violence, the simmering anger of the nation and the ‘liberal’ ecosystem trying to whitewash the treason, a video of the controversial actor and Khalistani sympathiser Deep Sidhu also surfaced where he was also seen inside the Red Fort as rioters charged towards the flag post to hoist the Sikh flag. It is now being alleged that Deep Sidhu was one of the people who plotted to hoist the Sikh flag at Red Fort. While Deep Sidhu is a Khalistani and it was OpIndia that reported on him weeks ago, the instigation by farmer leaders, politicians and several others, including the proscribed Khalistani terror outfit SFJ (Sikhs for Justice) must not be forgotten.

However, with Deep Sidhu, the liberal-hero-turned-scapegoat being seen inside the Red Fort, it becomes imperative to lay down threadbare who he is, what he did, and how the ecosystem, that is now trying to distance itself from him, were hailing him just a few weeks ago.

Who is Deep Sidhu?

It is important to note that Deep Sidhu came into the limelight during the first few days of the farmer protests in Punjab. A video had gone viral on social media platforms in which Deep Sidhu was seen claiming to be a farmer and saying that the farmers protests will be the defining moment of the geopolitics of not just India but also entire South Asia.

In the video that had gone viral, Sidhu, who was seen wearing black attire and a white turban argued with the police officers demanding the opening of roads blockades along the Punjab-Haryana border that had been closed pre-empting the violent protests.

The protesting ‘farmer’ was heard saying that these farmer protests were nothing but an “Inquilab” (revolution). Sidhu had also threatened the authorities saying that they were failing to understand the seriousness of the matter as this ‘revolution’ (protests) will define the next geopolitics of the entire country and South Asia.

As Deep Sidhu and his fellow protestors had uttered the magical words of ‘revolution’, the left-liberals and the opposition ecosystem had fallen in love with the Punjab actor, who descended on social media platforms for having a ‘spine’ to stand up to the ‘fascist’ Modi government. However, within a few hours, the real identity of Deep Sidhu was exposed.

We at OpIndia had reported in detail about the close links between Khalistani establishment and the Punjabi actor, who was now being hailed as a ‘revolutionary’. Shockingly, Deep Sidhu, who was portraying himself as an aggrieved farmer in the video, is nothing but a known Khalistan sympathiser. Sidhu has time-and-again defended the terrorist activities of pro-Khalistan groups.

Just a few weeks back, Deep Sidhu had expelled a lawyer known as Hakam Singh for ruthlessly objecting to the raising of the pro-Khalistan slogan by another pro-Khalistani sympathiser and for handing him over to the police.

The lawyer had reacted to the slogan in a harsh manner after a Punjabi youth had raised pro-Khalistani slogans at a morcha. The lawyer had immediately taken him to the police personnel deployed nearby and asked them to arrest him by registering FIR against him. Losing temper over it, he offered to become a complainant against him.

Reacting to the incident, Sidhu had released a video defending the sacking of lawyer from his morcha for acting against pro-Khalistan sympathisers. In the video, Sidhu had openly opposed the action of Hakam Singh while announcing his expulsion.

“Taking such a decision was very necessary because our quam has made scores of sacrifices for the cause of Khalistan. If anyone raises a slogan in its favour, our reaction to it cannot be so ruthless,” the actor had said defending the Khalistani movement. 

Hailing the Khalistani terror movements, Deep Sidhu had said that the armed Sikh struggle fought during the 90s was an important phase of their overall present struggle for their basic rights. He added, “I would like to say again that neither armed Sikh struggle was wrong, nor a declaration of Khalistan. Raising pro-Khalistan slogans was also not wrong”.

Ironically, netizens mocked Deep Sidhu when he said this protests or ‘revolution’ would define the geopolitics of South Asia. However, if one looks at the pro-Khalistan affiliations of Deep Sidhu, his statements cannot be taken in a light-hearted manner as it may have been the real motive after all and these farmer protests are just facade to create unrest in the country. 

In fact, in a Freudian slip, Deep Sidhu had accidentally revealed the sinister plan of the Khalistani movement to use the opportunity of farmers protests to create instability in the region and incite Punjabi farmers against the Modi government in the name of protesting against the farm bills. 

After OpIndia had exposed Deep Sidhu’s Khalistani links, veteran journalist-turned-YouTuber Barkha Dutt had tried to give him a platform to ‘clear his name’. However, he disappointed her deeply when he kept reiterating that Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was actually a hero for Sikhs.

Left-liberals make Deep Sidhu a scapegoat for his alleged past links with the BJP

As the entire conspiracy of the so-called farmer protests and the subsequent riots that took place in Delhi culminating in the desecration of Red Fort and hoisting of the Sikh flag, the left-liberals have now squarely thrown Deep Sidhu under the bus to not just save others like Rakesh Tikait and Yogendra Yadav, but also in an attempt to spin yarns to blame the BJP government.

The left-liberal intelligentsia, the Congress party and its troll, are now spinning yarns to allege that the Punjabi Khalistani actor is actually close to the ruling BJP. According to them, Deep Sidhu has close links with BJP MP from Gurdaspur – Sunny Deol and BJP had infiltrated into the farmer protests with Deep Sidhu as their ‘mole’ to create unrest during the ‘farmer’ protests.

It is important to note that Deep Sidhu had ties with actor-turned-politician Sunny Deol and had even campaigned for him in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. However, the relationship between the two soured following the elections. Speaking to Barkha Dutt, Deep Sidhu had boasted about his love for Khalistani movement and its leadership and had categorically stated that he did not belong to any political party and had campaigned for Sunny Deol due to their friendship, which he came to deeply regret later.

Barkha Dutt, who had given a platform to Deep Sidhu in an attempt to prove him innocent and the OpIndia reportage incorrect, had asked him about him being close to the BJP. This question had come only after he had hailed Khalistani and refused to budge despite several pleas by Barkha. When exonerating his Khalistani ties did not work, the propaganda had shifted towards an attempt to paint him as a BJP supporter.

On being asked if he was affiliated with any political party, Sidhu said, “I am not at all affiliated with any political party. The only thing I was involved in was the political campaigning of BJP’s Mr Deol (Sunny Deol) from Gurdaspur constituency because I share a very close relationship with him and I was a part of the BJP campaign,” Sidhu said.

Left-Liberals, opposition parties do flip-flops on Deep Sidhu, exposes their hypocrisy

Interestingly, the left-liberals, who had once hailed Deep Sidhu for taking on the BJP-led centre to pass the three farm laws, are now blaming him for the riots and linked him with the ruling BJP-led government, against which he had protested just a few weeks back.

Most importantly, the Congress party has been forefront at opposing the farm laws and alleged to have been sponsoring the ‘farmers’ protests despite its own government in Punjab notifying the farm laws.

In November, as Deep Sidhu became the face of the resistance against the Modi government, the Congress party had openly claimed the turban-clad actor as a ‘farmer’ and had endorsed his protests against the farm laws.

Congress party hailed Deep Sidhu earlier

Several Congress party workers and its media ecosystem had hailed Deep Sidhu for his courage and actively promoted him as an ‘aggrieved farmer’. However, with the real intention of the so-called farmer protests have now been exposed, they are now making the Punjab actor a scapegoat to sustain their political narrative.

Gaurav Pandhi, the Congress IT Cell member, who had once defended Deep Sidhu’s actions, linked him to the BJP over an unrelated image of the actor captured alongside PM Modi.

Congress IT cell member goes from hailing ‘farmer’ Deep Sidhu to allege he is linked with BJP

Dushyant, another Congress sympathiser who claims to be a ‘journalist, too resorted to the same strategy of accusing him of having BJP links and being a mole in the entire ‘farmer protests.

Here are the two tweets put out by Dushyant, first one endorsing Deep Sidhu during the November protests and the second tweet is about Dushyant blaming Deep Sidhu for resorting to unfurling the flag at Red Fort.

Comments of Congress sympathiser on Deep Sidhu

Ravish Kumar, the epitome of ‘neutral’ journalism was not far behind. After Deep Sidhu had received notice from NIA in the SFJ case, Ravish Kumar had defended him by calling him an actor.

As Deep Sidhu is now accused of protesting at the Red Fort, Ravish Kumar cunningly refers to his alleged links with the BJP to claim that his political links had helped him to lead the protests.

The propagandists at the Islamist propaganda site – Alt News that claims to be a fact-checking site, also faced embarrassment after endorsing the Punjabi actor initially only to blame him later after he was caught exposed.

Here are the two tweets put out by employees of fake news website Alt News trying to spin the narrative on both the occasions.

Tweets of Alt News employees on Deep Sidhu

Not just Congress party, AAP too played a similar dirty game. In November, AAP leaders had praised Deep Sidhu for joining with the farmers’ to protest against the Modi government over the passing of the three farm laws.

However, as farmer leaders have now caught instigating riots in the national capital, they are now putting out unrelated images of Deep Sidhu with PM Modi and his past connections with Sunny Deol to accuse BJP of organising the violent farmer protests.

Here are the two tweets put out by AAP MLA Naresh Balyan, the first endorsing Deep Sidhu and second one accusing him of being a BJP mole as rioters, instigated by radical-left activists and opposition leaders, caused havoc in the national capital.

AAP leader changes stand on Deep Sidhu

AAP social media cell too furthered the same false propaganda just months after coming to the rescue of Deep Sidhu, who was criticised by the Right-wing and the nationalists for his alleged links with the Khalistanis.

AAP leader changes stand on Deep Sidhu

Here are other Islamists and radical-left sympathisers exposing themselves by first endorsing Deep Sidhu only to throw him under the bus after the whole conspiracy behind the ‘farmer protests’ got exposed.

Another important fact is it is not just Deep Sidhu, who was part of the Tuesday violence and the subsequent desecration of the Mughul monument and the unfurling of a Sikh flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort. There were several thousand people who had reached the Red Fort on the instructions of 32 farm union leaders, who were the ones to organise the tractor rally on the Republic day in the first place.

While Deep Sidhu is a Khalistani and clearly had an active role in the insurrection and must be brought to book, the Left saying that only one man is responsible for the violence is a classic tactic to save others like Yogendra Yadav and Rakesh Tikait. The fact remains that this insurrection was a planned coup against the democratically elected government of India and every element involved, including Sidhu, Yogendra Yadav and Tikait must be dealt with in accordance with the law and brought to justice for burning the country.

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