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Greta ‘Toolkit’: Here is a list of journalists and news portals that the global conspirators against India trusted to be their allies

The intention of such a list was to tag the social media accounts operating within the country as they tweeted in the favour of protests so that they could amplify the anti-India rhetoric in a much large scale and also depict that the farmer protestors indeed had some local support.

Even as protestors and rioters disguised as ‘farmers’ continue to squat on public roads causing massive inconvenience to the citizens, foreign vested interests are trying to create chaos in the country by propagating false propaganda against India. The foreign influencers by expressing their solidarity with a bunch of protestors, who have been accused of unleashing riots on the streets of Delhi, are now conspiring against the duly elected Indian government.

Singer-actress Rihanna, along with former porn-star Mia Khalifa and child protestor Greta Thunberg on Tuesday interfered in country’s internal affair by endorsing violence in the name of supporting ‘farmer’ protests, causing a massive backlash against these international celebrities. The statements of these celebrities were used by various political heads like pro-Khalistan Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh.

It is important to know that these ‘protests’ had taken a violent turn on country’s Republic Day on January 26, after rioters attempted to carry out a planned insurrection against the state even as Khalistanis stormed the Red Fort, hoisted religious flags to unleash massive violence injuring nearly 400 cops.

The global propaganda was also responded with a stern warning by the Indian government, who advised these ‘influencers’ to at least understand the reforms initiated before indulging in propaganda. However, hours later Greta Thunberg, who is now accused promoting enmity between various groups in the country, had inadvertently revealed the sinister global campaign against India after she shared a ‘Toolkit’ for those who want to support the ongoing ‘farmer protests’.

While the ‘Toolkit’ was deleted shortly after, an edit version of the same was tweeted again later by Greta.

The documents shared by Greta had made some shocking disclosures revealing that the alleged ‘farmers’ protest and the global support it received was not an organic one but a well thought out conspiracy against India. The documents shared by Greta Thunberg exposed that the conspiracy was plotted since November 2020, at the very least.

The document shared by Greta Thunberg listed a series of actions that people across the world can take to support the ‘farmer protests’ and also listed actions to be done. The document made categorically clear that the global attempts to incite unrest in India had begun prior to the Republic Day riots. The document also contained several sets of pre-determined tweets that were supposed to be posted. The OpIndia research also found that some of those tweets were posted verbatim on Twitter in November 2020.

One of the documents embedded in the toolkit, titled ‘Global Tweet Storm – suggested Tweets’ contained detailed planning about the exact tweets to be posted to ‘garner international attention’ to the ‘farmer protest’. In that document, that was created well before 3rd February, names of several Indian organisations, propaganda websites and fake news peddlers were documented.

The names of several ‘journalists’, fake news websites listed in the toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg

The intention of such a list was to tag the social media accounts operating within the country, who have been tweeting in favour of protests so that these ‘Indian’ handles could amplify the anti-India rhetoric in a much large scale and also depict that the farmer protestors indeed had some local support.

The list exposed a series of Indian social media accounts, comprising self-proclaimed journalists, fake news peddlers and ‘news websites’, who have been carrying out false propaganda to support the protestors to oppose the three farm laws passed by the Indian government.

Interestingly, the foreign vested groups have asked social media users to follow social media handles of Indian politicians both from the ruling party and the opposition. Apart from PM Modi and Indian Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar, strangely, the names of Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor and TMC Leader Derek Obrien have also been mentioned in the ‘Greta Files’.

Here is a list of journalists and news portals that the global conspirators against India trusted to be their allies:

Propaganda ‘News’ Websites

Alt News

One of the handles shared in the ‘Toolkit’ shared by Greta Thunberg was a left-wing propaganda website – Alt News. Alt News has been pushing false propaganda to whitewash crimes of the rioters in the name of ‘fact-checking’ and have been caught several times doing so.

Alt-News, which has a notorious history of falsifying facts to spin the narrative, has published a series of ‘fact-check’ to claim that rioters did not desecrate the tricolour on the Republic Day.

Despite several videos and reports are out in the public domain exposing Khalistani involvement in the ‘farmer protests’, Alt News has been trying extremely hard to nullify the fact by releasing carefully edited videos to claim that no Khalistani flags were raised during the riots that took place near Red Fort.

The Alt News, mentioned in Greta Files, seems to be a part of a larger plot to tone down the international conspiracy against India.


Another left-wing ‘news website’ Newslaundry also have been relentless in propagating half-truths about farmer protests. It is one of the websites mentioned in the ‘Greta Files’.

Here are a series of tweets posted by Newslaundry that several social media users used to peddle misinformation on the farmer protests and whitewash the violence perpetrated by rioters on Republic Day.

Most of News laundry ‘journalists’ have been tweeting and posting concocted stories about the farmer protests to depict them as a ‘legitimate’ protests against the government.

Manisha Pande, a meme creator at Newslaundry, has also tried to nullify the Khalistani angle in the ongoing ‘farmer protests’.


Scroll – a left-wing website which is currently under scrutiny for allegedly enabling foreign interference into country’s internal affairs, amusingly hold BJP responsible for the riots that occurred on Republic Day. Deep Sidhu, a known Khalistani sympathiser, has been termed as a BJP agent by the likes of Scroll in an effort to hide the international interference in support of the ‘farmer’ protests.

Yet again, Scroll has named Khaps – a community organisation representing a clan mainly comprised of Hindus in a few North India states, for ‘intensifying’ farmer protests.

After failing to emerge victorious democratically against the incumbent government, the country’s left-liberal ‘news’ websites are accused of aiding international actors to meddle in India’s domestic politics.

The Wire

The Wire has been no exception in terms of the hatred it tends to exhibit against the country’s ruling dispensation. Ever since the Indian government democratically passed the three farm laws, the self-proclaimed media outlets such as ‘The Wire’ have been putting misinformation.

It is not a surprise for many that anti-India propagandists who are trying to destabilize the country have been asked to tweet The Wire’s coverage of the ‘farmer protests’.

Here are some of the propaganda reports published by The Wire in the last few months against the three farm laws, that are now aggressively being picked up by foreign vested interests.

Similar to other left-wing propaganda websites, The Wire has also blamed the state machinery for the Republic Day violence.

Trolley Times

Trolley Times is a new entrant to the scheme of things. Trolley Times, which claims to be tweeting in support of ‘farmer’ protests from the very beginning, has been mentioned in the sensational ‘Greta Files’.

The foreign vested interests are now spreading unverified claims put out by these ‘liberal’ news websites and ‘fact-checkers’ to discredit the laws passed by a duly elected Indian government and give a smokescreen for the foreign players to intervene in the country’s political structure.

Alleged Journalists and Fake news peddlers

Barkha Dutt

Joining the news websites, Barkha Dutt has also been named in the disgraced ‘Greta Files’ documents, asking the foreign social media users to use this news coverage to attack the Indian government.

Barkha Dutt has done several stories for the past few months connected with the ‘farmer’ protests. These reports are now being asked to be quoted in online campaigns initiated by foreign players who have no stake in Indian public policy.

Here is a tweet of Barkha Dutt, where she strangely attacks the Indian government for commenting on foreign interference by Rihanna.

Faye Dsouza

Faye DSouza, an erstwhile ‘news’ anchor, now relegated to irrelevance, is also perhaps competing with the likes of Barkha Dutt to influence foreign social media users.

Here is a tweet put out by Faye DSouza on the day of violence blaming the Delhi Police for trying to save themselves from the wrath of the rioters.

Mohammed Zubair

Mohammed Zubair, a co-founder of fake news website ‘Alt News’, on Wednesday slid into desperation after Indians collectively stood against foreign interference. In fact, it was strange to see fellow ‘Indians’ like Zubair attacking their own countrymen in a bid to support foreign vested interests.

Initially, it was not clear why was he indulging in such an act. As usual most of the social media ignored him as Zubair has a notorious history of supporting anti-Indian elements.

With ‘Greta Files’ is out now revealing a massive conspiracy against the nation, it has now become clear on why certain vested interests within the country were cheering for foreign intervention.

Here is a screenshot of a tweet put out by Zubair to pass of genuine locals residing near the Singhu border as ‘BJP’ supporters, who have suffered massive inconvenience due to the ongoing blockage of roads by the ‘protestors’.

Saket Gokhale

Saket Gokhale, who has a habit of glorifying himself as an activist, is a Congress-supporting troll and a fanboy of Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi. Saket Gokhale, whose tweets are usually discarded by most Indian social media users, seems to have found resonance with foreign vested interests such as Greta Thunberg.

Saket Gokhale, whose intellect is as great as Greta Thunberg’s, has often spread the same lies peddled by the left-media establishment. Perhaps, his continuing negative tweets about the Indian government has made him earn a spot in the list of Indian influencers created by Greta to influence foreign social media users.

As similar to many left-wing social media users, Saket Gokhale too had objected to the Indian government’s statement against foreign interference into India’s domestic affairs.

Saahil Murli Menghani

One of the social media accounts, which has been forefront at inciting the protestors and fomenting trouble is Saahil Murli Menghani. Saahil, who claims to be a journalist, has been posting tweets pertaining to the ‘farmer’ protests. In doing so, he has been publishing several unverified claims that are also alleged to have instigated riots on Republic Day in the national capital.

In his tweets, Saahil Murli Menghani uses instigating connotations such as ‘Revolution’ to amplify anarchy on the country’s streets. He has been putting out several speeches made by alleged rioters for the last few months to create a political narrative targeting the Indian government.

It is not unsurprising at all to see Saahil Murli Menghani’s name in the list of Indian influencers put out by Greta Thunberg.

Amaan Bali

Amaan Bali is another ‘social media influencer’ operating on Indian soil ever since the protests broke out. He was the first person to put out misleading claims that it was the Nishaan Sahib flags that were hoisted at the Red Forts on Republic Day. However, several videos and OpIndia reports have debunked his false claims.

Amaan Bali also tweeted on Wednesday, just hours after ‘Greta Files’ were revealed in the public, to claim that the Indian government’s collective effort to fight the propaganda against the country will only boost the morale of ‘farmers’.

Sandeep Singh aka (@punYaab)

Sandeep Singh, is another social media user whose tweets are being aggressively shared by left-wing and foreign accounts to put out posts against the Modi government.

On the day, rioters carried insurrection against the nation, Sandeep Singh was cheering them on social media. Incidentally, his tweets will also be posted repeatedly in the near future to target the Indian government.

Jasveer Singh Mukhtsar

Jasveer Singh, another social media user from Punjab, seems to be following a similar modus operandi just as other left-liberal social media users and self-proclaimed journalists.

Jasveer Singh has also been tweeting fake news about the death of a rioter Navneet Singh, who died after his tractor turtled during the Republic Day riots. Singh has been claiming that the Delhi police shot the deceased rioter. However, it is a blatant lie as post mortem report rejects claims of a gunshot.

Friedrich Pieter

Friedrich Pieter, a new name in Indian social media scene, has also been highlighted in the ‘Greta Files’. If one goes through his social media posts, it can be seen his hatred for Hindus and has often spewed venom against the Indian government and Hindu-nationalist organisation RSS.

Here is another tweet put out by Pieter, which international propagandists may have used to spread false propaganda against the ‘farmer’ protests.

Organisations and Khalistani sympathisers

Kisan Ekta Morcha

Kisan Ekta Morcha, a collective of all the protestors camping near the four borders adjoining the national capital is also featured in the ‘Greta Files’.

Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid, a shady organisation, suspected to be a front organisation for the Khalistani outfit Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), also finds a place in the ‘Greta Files’ along with dubious Indian news websites and individuals.

It is important to note that the NIA had registered a case in this regard in December 2012, alleging that Khalsa Aid was suspected to be one of the organisations linked to the BKI funding the Indian BKI members to commit terror acts in the country. 

It has been forefront at peddling lies about the ‘farmer’ protest and also actively sponsoring the alleged protest against the Indian government.

On Wednesday, Khalsa Aid was one of the first international organisations to follow instructions of tweeting Greta Thunberg’s tweet targeting Indian government over ‘farmer’ protests.

PARI Network

PARI Network, which posts several photographs to create a wave of sympathy in favour of farmers is mentioned in the ‘Greta Files’.

Mahilakisan – Makaam

Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch – MAKAAM, which claims to be the collective of women farmers also finds a place in ‘Greta Files’.

Saving Punjab

Interestingly, several Punjab social media handles have also been quoted in the ‘Greta Files’. One account Save Punjab on Instagram has been putting out infographics targeting the Indian government.

The ‘Greta Files’ list to create a ‘Global Tweet Storm’ mentions this Instagram account and asks fellow social media users to tag this handle.

The Past Packers

Another Punjab-specific Instagram account – The Past Packers has time-and-again glorified rioters. In a recent Instagram post, it had called the Republic Day insurrection as a ‘historical moment’.

As expected, the Past Packer has been recognised by the child protestor Greta Thunberg and has allowed to propagte more lies about the Indian government.

Extinction Rebellion

Finally, Extinction Rebellion – the global environmental movement allegedly linked to Greta Thunberg’s alleged activism, which has no locus-standi on Indian issue has been relentlessly trying to interfere in a local political protest.

It is rather intriguing to know why such a global organisation, which has no business in India and its laws, has to achieve by instigating country’s citizens and funding Indians to involve in treacherous acts against their own nation.

Here is a tweet retweeted Extinction Rebellion that condemns the Delhi Police’s action during the Republic Day riots. Why would a foreign NGO be worried about Delhi Police using buses to barricade roads a precaution against rioters?

From the above list, it is largely clear that massive propaganda has been conspired against the Indian state by vested foreign interests, who are now deploying controversial Indian social media accounts to enable a foreign interference into country’s internal affairs. However, it is shocking to see several Indian accounts’ colluding with foreign interests to achieve some narrow-minded domestic political agenda.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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