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Protesting ‘farmers’ burn bras after Kamala Harris’ niece Meena and porn star Mia Khalifa call them ‘monsters’ in latest toolkit

The Punjab 'farmers' had expressed their gratefulness to the American Vice President's niece and porn star for supporting their cause.

The protesting Punjab ‘farmers’ in India on Friday graduated from burning stubble to burning bras after American Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, in a tweet referred to bras as ‘monsters’.

Harris took to Twitter to claim that she hates bras so much that now she does not care how long it takes between Zoom calls, but even if she gets 5 minutes break, she takes those ‘monsters’ off.

To this, porn star Mia Khalifa suggested she could wear something called ‘Negative Underwear’, which is the most comfortable thing in the world.

The new cryptic message from the celebrity supporters were left wondering on what could this message mean. Netizen, however, were more than happy to help them decipher. An eminent intellectual named Mr Keh Ke Pehno (announce it while wearing it) explained it such.

OpIndia has reached out to Mr Keh Ke Pehno for his comments over the cryptic tweet exchange and how the two women have announced before not wearing the monsters, but he has declined to comment.

The protesting ‘farmers’ from Punjab, who have graduated to making more permanent structures at the Delhi borders to help them protest in comfort, were baffled with this latest instruction from the toolkit. It is imperative to note that both Harris and Khalifa have recently extended support to protesting Punjab ‘farmers’ and called the farm laws which aim to benefit farmers as ‘anti-farmers’.

The Punjab ‘farmers’ had expressed their gratefulness to the American Vice President’s niece and porn star for supporting their cause. Hence, when the new set of instructions were being discussed on Twitter, they were left baffled. However, on seeing the two women’s extreme dislike for the women’s undergarment, they decided to do what they are best at – burn those monsters.

Harping Farmer, a protestor from Canada and a Bhindrandwale fanboy, was the first to burn the first bra. Khalsa Aid, an organisation that regularly likes to come to rescue of those in need, also donated 786 bras for the burning festival.

Mohammad Zubair, a goat-loving animal rights activist, who has been supporting the farmer protest from day one because ‘I can eat bakri, but bakri needs ghaas which farmers grow’, was left baffled. Zubair, who likes to steal women’s underwear which are put to dry for his sexual pleasure, was taken aback at the existence of ‘negative underwear’. He was shocked that if women start wearing negative underwear, what will he steal.

However, Asif, his best friend, explained that negative underwear is just an underwear women wear above their clothes instead of inside them. “Sorry, Asif,” Zubair said for raising a false alarm.

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