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Congress now an official Islamic party? After Kerala Congress, leaders discredit the genocide of Hindus and the movie Kashmir Files

After Kerala and Chhattisgarh Congress members, senior party leader Jairam Ramesh has Tweeted to call out the makers of the movie, claiming they "twisted facts, distorted history to whip up anger and promote violence".

The unexpected success of Vivek Agnitori’s The Kashmir Files, a film based on the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus has completely thrown all the so-called leftist liberals and Islamist apologists off balance, including the grand old Congress party that has officially stepped in to defend the Islamists who carried it out.

At first, the Congress Kerala tried to blame the BJP for the genocide, then the party’s media head in Chhattisgarh effectively exonerated the Islamists who carried it out, and now its senior leader Jairam Ramesh has gone on to not only dismiss the veracity of the Kashmiri Hindus genocide but also cast aspersions on the film-makers’ sincere efforts to expose the unspoken and harsh truth about the Islamic terror in the valley in the 1990s that forced thousands of Kashmiri Pandits to flee their homeland.

On Saturday, March 19, the senior Congress leader took to Twitter to call out the makers of The Kashmir Files. He claimed that the movie “incites hate”. He went on to call the movie propaganda that “twists facts, distorts history to whip up anger and promote violence” and its makers “Pracharaks” (propagandists) who exploit fear and prejudice to divide and rule.”

“Some films inspire change. Kashmir Files incites hate. Truth can lead to justice, rehabilitation, reconciliation & peace. Propaganda twists facts, distorts history to whip up anger & promote violence. Statesmen heal wounds. Pracharaks exploit fear and prejudice to divide & rule,” Tweeted the senior Congress leader.

Notably, several first-generation Kashmiri victims have come forward since the film’s release to testify that the film is, in its entirety, based on pure truth and facts. Many victims sobbed after seeing the film, exemplifying how relatable it was to them. Furthermore, the ‘Jagmohan conspiracy,’ which Congress continues to exploit to blame the BJP for the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide, has also been debunked a million times over the last three decades. Despite this, since the release of The Kashmir Files, the ruffled Congress members are either questioning the film’s veracity and discrediting the filmmakers or blaming the BJP for the genocide.

Chhattisgarh Congress again blames BJP for Kashmiri Hindu genocide

On March 15, Sushil Anand Shukla, Congress’s media head in Chhattisgarh, was quoted as saying, “We want people to go and watch the movie and understand that the situation arose in the country when VP Singh was PM and BJP was in support of him. Jammu and Kashmir Governor was BJP leader and state was under the President’s rule which means the BJP was indirectly ruling the state.”

It’s appalling that in their attempt to divert the blame from the terrorists who actually carried out the genocide, the party is willing to blame everyone else.

How the Kerala Congress doubled up as terrorist sympathisers to deride BJP and makers of The Kashmir Files

Likewise, in a long rant, the official Congress Kerala handle on March 14, blamed everyone from Governor Jagmohan to BJP for the genocide. In a Twitter thread from their official Congress Kerala handle, the Congress party started off their rant by downplaying the whole Kashmiri Hindu genocide itself. Saying 399 Kashmiri Hindus were killed by terrorists and comparing it to the 15,000 deaths of Muslims in the valley over the last 3 decades as a result of terrorism.

To put things in perspective, lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave their valley, almost overnight, leaving all their belongings behind. There were announcements made from mosques asking Kashmiri Hindu men to leave the valley, leaving their women behind. The chants of ‘convert (to Islam), leave or die’ echoed in the valley. That the Kashmiri Hindus did not leave their homes out of free will but were forced to is completely ignored by Congress.

Then Congress went on to blame Governor Jagmohan, the man who actually saved Kashmiri Hindus from a fate much worse than the exodus. “Jagmohan theory” is a long peddled lie by Congress and its cabal to give a clean chit to the Islamists for their actions in 1990.

The thread further tried to imply that the Kashmiri Hindus were not targeted and they were victims of terrorism just like everyone else. 

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Congress managed to turn Jammu residents into villains by claiming that Kashmiri Muslims were massacred in Jammu during partition. This implies that the Kashmiri Pandit exodus and genocide at the hands of Islamic terrorists is justified because ‘Muslims were also killed.’

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