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The Wire quotes terror sympathiser Majid Freeman, who dog-whistled against Hindus in Leicester, to demonize Hindus

The Wire went on to peddle a false narrative about the Leicester violence claiming that it was 'RSS goons' and 'Hindutvavadis' who attacked the marginalized Muslim community of Leicester.

Days after the violence erupted in the city of Leicester, England, where Islamists assaulted Hindus and vandalized their properties, the Wire published an article on Monday blaming the Hindu community for the violence. In the article, it said that people chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ created a disturbance in the city on September 17 and ‘threw bottles and all sorts’ at the Islamists.

The Wire happened to quote several Islamist eye-witnesses who claimed that the initial disturbance in the area began after the Hindus allegedly gathered in the city and attacked the Muslims on the streets. It quoted Rukhsana Hussain, an alleged community leader who was also quoted by the Guardian and the BBC saying that people chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ were masked when they allegedly attacked the Islamists on east Leicester street.

The publication also referred to the video tweet by Hinduphobic professor Ashok Swain who claimed that “Hindu far-right groups shouted ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and launched an attack on the Muslims in east Leicester”. The incident is said to have happened on September 17 when hundreds of Hindus crowded the streets in the city’s eastern section demanding action against the initial violence by Islamists. The saga began after the Asia Cup India-Pakistan cricket match on August 28, when armed Islamists attacked Hindus and their residences in the area.

The Hindus then marched in a peaceful protest against the Islamist attack and demanded justice. However, the violence in the city erupted after the Islamists disrupted the protest march and hurled glass bottles at the Hindu participants. They also desecrated a Saffron flag left behind by the protesters in presence of the police. The Police also released a statement calling the protest an ‘unplanned’ one.

The Wire however alleged on September 18 that the violence was due to the Hindus in the area. It went on to peddle a false narrative about the Leicester violence claiming that it was ‘RSS goons’ and ‘Hindutvavadis’ who attacked the marginalized Muslim community of Leicester. To bolster the claim, it further quoted Majid Freeman, a local ‘activist’ who is known for his problematic and extremist Islamic views.

“They (Hindus) were throwing bottles and all sorts. They were coming past our mosques, taunting the community and physically beating people up randomly”, Majid Freeman was quoted by the leftist British media outlet The Guardian and The Wire. Freeman who stays at the Belgrave Road in the eastern part of Leicester further confirmed his claims by retweeting the article published by the Wire.

The Wire article retweeted by Majid Freeman

As reported earlier, Majid was at the forefront of spreading fake news that instigated violence against Hindus in Leicester. The violence began after India defeated Pakistan in a T20 match. The Islamists snatched the Indian flag and desecrated it. Later in September, violence against Hindus started with mobs hunting them down in their houses and on the streets.

However, Majid Freeman, the local Islamist ‘activist’ added fuel to the fire against Hindus by spreading fake news against Hindus. He claimed that Hindus had chanted ‘death to Muslims’ slogans and also desecrated a Quran in Leicester. He influenced several Islamist organisations and made them believe that Hindus were deliberately targeting the Muslim community in the city.

Majid Freeman said that the Hindus were targeting the Islamists from the month of May. In another such incident, he claimed that around 30 Hindus had chased and assaulted a Muslim teenager. OpIndia verified all the claims made by Freeman and found them to be false. Insight UK talked to OpIndia to confirm that no complaints were filed by the police and no video evidence was submitted for investigation in either of the cases.

One dangerous lie spread by Freeman recently was that Hindus had abducted a Muslim school-going girl. However, he admitted that he had spread fake news only after the Leicester police on September 14 confirmed that no such incident had happened. By all his fake tweets, Freeman kept on feeding Hinduphobic poison into the minds of Islamists which led to severe violence against Hindus on September 17.

On September 17, several Hindus and their homes were attacked in Leicester. A temple was also desecrated and the Om flag there was also burnt. Majid, on the 17th of September, justified the violence by the Muslims against Hindus calling it the community ‘standing up for themselves’ because the Hindu community ‘broke peace’ by marching past a mosque and chanting ‘Jai Shree Ram’.

Majid Freeman who claims to be an ‘activist’ in Leicester city in the midlands of England, is a radical Islamist whose publicly available information establishes his connection with several Islamic terrorist organizations. Freeman is known to have sympathy for several terrorists like Aafia Siddiqui, Oliver Bridgeman (an ISIS terrorist), and several other terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda.

‘News organisations’ like the Wire and the Guardian quoted Majid Freeman as an eyewitness of the Leicester violence but failed to publish his problematic views. They also failed to expose him for spreading fake news against Hindus in the city and instigating the Islamists to target Hindus. They termed him as a mere ‘activist’ but to know Majid Freeman’s real face, one must read this exclusive story published by OpIndia.

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