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Majid Freeman

Majid Freeman arrested by Leicester Police for encouraging acts of terrorism, was at the forefront of instigating violence against Hindus in 2022

Majid Freeman, the primary instigator of attacks on Hindu temples in the 2022 Leicester violence, has been arrested on suspicion of counter-terrorism offences, including encouraging acts of terrorism.

Lies about RSS, whitewashing of Islamist violence in Leicester, ties to radical outfit and more: Meet Shockat Adam, UK MP supported by extremist Majid...

Shockat Adam had had roped in serial fake news peddler CJ Werleman to spread canards about his country of origin during a webinar in December 2020.

Leicester violence fame Majid Freeman tweets 2021 Ghaziabad fake hate crime incident, which was shared by Mohd Zubair, to defame India & Hindus

Majid Freeman shared the video of the 2021 Ghaziabad fake hate crime case where a petty quarrel was given a communal colour to malign Jai Shri Ram.

The Guardian’s ‘good samaritan’ Majid Freeman claims over 500 football fans have converted to Islam amid FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Majid Freeman, controversial Islamist accused of spreading fake news and instigating violence in Leicester, claimed that over 500 people converted to Islam during Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.

Majid Freeman, the BBC and Guardian’s ‘good samaritan’ had claimed the 2005 London bombings were false flag ops by the Brit govt

Majid Freeman had propagated that 7/7 London Bombings were "inside job" by the British govt and Islamic terrorism was falsely blamed.

The Wire quotes terror sympathiser Majid Freeman, who dog-whistled against Hindus in Leicester, to demonize Hindus

Majid Freeman was at the forefront of spreading fake news that instigated violence against Hindus in Leicester. The Wire quoted him and termed him a local 'activist'.

Meet Majid Freeman, terror sympathising Leicester man who instigated violence against Hindus and is influencing the media’s anti-Hindu coverage

Leicester has been burning with Muslim mobs going on a rampage against Hindus and Majid Freeman is in the middle of it

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