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US: White House official and Jill Biden’s ‘Work Husband’ faces Me-Too allegations

Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden, refers to Anthony Bernal as her 'work husband,' according to the book 'American Woman,' published last month by New York Times reporter Katie Rogers

Anthony Bernal, a top official in the White House, has been accused of bullying and sexually harassing colleagues for more than a decade, as highlighted in an investigative report by the New York Post. According to the report, Bernal is considered ‘untouchable’ and wields significant influence as the top aide to Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States. 

Reportedly, Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, refers to Anthony Bernal as her ‘work husband,’ according to the book ‘American Woman,’ published last month by New York Times reporter Katie Rogers. The book notes that Bernal is ‘known to make life hell for junior aides who find him to be impatient, demanding, and overbearing.’

Anthony Bernal also enjoys enormous clout in the White House operations and Democratic politics. According to the report, based on information from three sources with firsthand knowledge, Bernal has repeatedly speculated in the workplace about the p*n*s size of colleagues. 

Two sources speaking with NYP revealed that Bernal (50) shared a theory with them that the size of a person’s thumb corresponds to that of their genitalia. They stated that this occurred on several occasions, both at the White House and when he was in different roles during Biden’s presidential campaign and vice presidency under President Barack Obama.

One source said, “It is to make people uncomfortable and to have power over them.” The person pointed out that they heard Bernal make the crude remarks over several years while they worked together adding, “It is Me Too — classic Me Too.” 

A second source revealed hearing Bernal speculate ‘often’ inside the White House about the endowments of fellow political aides and even Secret Service agents.

A third source recalled a disparaging “jab”. According to the source, during a workplace disagreement, Bernal said about a colleague that he had a small p*n*s. In a separate encounter, the top aide of Dr. Biden “remarked on another staffer’s bulge in his khakis.”

Another former White House adviser said, “They talk a big game about integrity, decency, and kindness but when you work for the Bidens, you experience anything but that.” 

A source said, “There’s no way [Jill Biden] doesn’t know. It has been going on for so long. I don’t think she has a lot of advisers willing to give her a gut check. I think she thinks that Anthony’s like her bulldog protecting her.”

The Source continued, “He (Bernal) is by far the worst and most well-known abuser, but the Biden White House is a magnet for ugly and abusive workplace behavior. It’s totally inexcusable this day in age, especially with Biden’s own narrative about standing up to bullies.” 

“Her (Dr. Jill Biden) book and his (Joe Biden) stern lecture at the beginning of the administration about respect for colleagues is all bulls***. They couldn’t care less how the staff is treated because the staff is totally disposable to them. They’ve had a revolving door of staff catering to them for their entire adult lives,” the source added. 

No action against Anthony Bernal, The White House comes out in his defence

The report noted that earlier there were complaints about Anthony Bernal’s ‘abusive’ nature which was pointed out by Politico in August 2021, but no action was taken against him. 

One former White House official said, “He’s seen untouchable due to his relationship with the first lady. Staff have been told he’s ‘protected’ by Jill or that they should take it up with him directly.”

Furthermore, the White House released a statement on Monday in which it defended Dr. Biden’s top aide Anthony Bernal. In the statement, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients said, “The president and first lady have full confidence in Anthony’s character, as do I. His many fans at the White House know him to be both gracious and tough, holding himself up to the highest standards, with a heart dedicated to public service. It is disappointing that he is the target of unfounded attacks from unnamed sources.”

Defending himself, Bernal also denied the claims, saying, “These unfounded attacks are not true.”

This is Sexual harassment, says Expert

Louise Fitzgerald is a prominent expert on workplace sexual harassment policy. Speaking with New York Post, Fitzgerald noted that Bernal’s alleged behaviour fits the criteria for wrongful conduct. 

The expert added, “It generally has nothing at all to do with getting somebody into bed; rather it’s a power play whose purpose is to denigrate individuals on the basis of their sex, sexuality, or gender presentation.”

Fitzgerald added that gendered hostility “is by far the most common form of sexual harassment.”

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