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Stunned silence on crimes against women, the sham of ‘protecting’ the constitution: PM Modi tears into Congress in Rajya Sabha

Highlighting Bengal flogging video and Sandeshkhali incidents, PM Modi said, “No stalwart spoke on these atrocities, even showed hurt in their words. There can’t be a more saddening picture than this. Even those who consider themselves as progressive feminist leaders, have zipped their lips because it is connected to their political party or state.”

On Wednesday (3rd July), Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily on the opposition parties, particularly Congress for spreading fake narratives, their anti-Dalit mindset and so-called concerns, and efforts to safeguard the Constitution. He also questioned the selective silence of so-called feminist leaders over grave incidences of crimes against women involving the accused from their party or state, referring to the horrendous Sandeshkhali incident and the recent Taliban-style flogging of a woman in Bengal.

PM Modi hails voters for rejecting politics of propaganda and deceit

PM Modi lauded voters for rejecting the politics of deceit, defeating propaganda, and putting a stamp of victory on the politics of trust in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

During his reply to the Motion of Thanks on President’s Address in the Upper House, PM Modi said, “We feel proud of the wisdom and intelligence of the people of this country, in these elections. They defeated propaganda. They prioritised performance. They rejected the politics of deceit and put a stamp of victory on the politics of trust.” 

PM Modi on so-called progressive feminist leaders

PM Modi slammed the selectiveness of so-called progressive feminist leaders for their silence over grave incidences of crimes against women and highlighted the Sandeskhali incident and the recent case where a woman was publicly flogged in Taliban-style ‘Justice’ in West Bengal.  

Highlighting Bengal flogging video and Sandeshkhali incidents, PM Modi said, “No stalwart spoke on these atrocities, even showed hurt in their words. There can’t be a more saddening picture than this. Even those who consider themselves as a progressive feminist leader, have also zipped their lips because it is connected to their political party or state.”

“Politics is getting so selective, where incidents are not conducive to their politics, they go into hibernation,” he stressed.

Opposition ke Muh me Ghee Shakkar: PM Modi says the Opposition believes NDA will form a government for the next 20 years as well

PM Modi took a dig at the opposition’s one-third government jibe and wished that they taste milk and honey. He said that by trumpeting 1/3rd government, the opposition is saying that the incumbent government will continue for the next 20 years. 

He said, “They trumpeted that our government is 1/3rd..Our government has completed ten years and this means that they believe we will continue for 20 more years..Opposition ke muh me ghee shakkar (may they taste sweet and honey).”

Those who wave Constitution copy, opposed introduction of Constitution day: PM Modi 

PM raised questions on Congress’ commitment and efforts in safeguarding the Constitution and later in the address highlighted how the grand old party made major assaults on the Constitution. 

He said, “Those who wave copies of the Constitution had opposed the move when we started marking Constitution Day on 26th November. They opposed saying we already have 26th January.”

Later during his address on Congress’ so-called concern and respect for democracy and the Constitution, PM Modi said, “They said this was the country’s first election in which the main issue was to safeguard the constitution. Will you continue to spread this fake narrative? Have you forgotten 1977 elections, newspapers, and radios were not allowed to speak and people of the country voted only on one issue – re-establish the Constitution? They showed this in the 1977 election how democracy is thriving in the veins of the citizens. You are misleading people, 1977 was the biggest election to safeguard the constitution and the people routed the incumbent government to protect democracy. Now, this time, if it was an election to safeguard the constitution, the people of the country have found us worthy to safeguard the constitution.”   

The Prime Minister emphasised, “It hurts when people like Mallikarjun Kharge speak such things because he was a key member of the Congress party and witnessed how the Constitution was bulldozed and democracy was ransacked during the Emergency.” PM Modi then highlighted major instances when the Congress party went against the Constitution, attacked, disrespected, and insulted it.

“I ask the people who talk Constitution, which constitution was it that you ran a government for 7 years – when the tenure of Lok Sabha is for 5 years – and committed atrocities on the citizens and you teach us the Constitution…It doesn’t look good when you utter that you want to ‘safeguard the Constitution’. From which Constitution did you bring the provisions of imposing a NAC over the Cabinet, you shattered the repute of the Prime Minister and sat over its head with the remote pilot. Which constitution allows an MP to publicly tear a decision of the Cabinet? In what capacity it was torn into pieces? We have a written protocol for the President, vice president, etc…How one family was given preference under which constitution? They were kept ahead of Constitutional heads, which constitution were you respecting back then?”, PM Modi said.

PM Modi said that Congress has an anti-Dalit mindset, they front a Dalit only in defeatist situations so that family could avoid accountability.

Rajya Sabha Chairman and PM Modi lambasted the opposition for staging a walk-out

Vice President and ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Jagdeep Dhankar came out heavily on the unruly conduct of the opposition leaders and staging a walk-out of the House of the elders. 

He stated that it is extremely painful and hurtful to witness Amaryadit acharan (shameful conduct). He added, “Government is in its third term, I had spoken to them, discussed and advised the leader of the opposition to let them (treasury benches) speak without hindrance, today they have not just walked out of the house, they have left maryadaya. Today, they have not shown back to me but to the Constitution. They have insulted not me, but the oath they took under the Constitution, there can’t be a more insulting thing to the Constitution. I condemn their conduct. 140 crore people in the country will be hurt by their conduct. Constitution copy is not to pose but rather to live by it.”

Referring to the opposition’s ruckus in Lok Sabha and walk-out in the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi took a jibe at them and said, “The Country is watching that fake news peddlers don’t even dare to hear the truth…They are insulting the Upper House and its great legacy. People of the country have handed them defeat such that they have no option other than to shout and scream in the streets..narebazi, hoolalla, aur medan chod ke bhag jana.” 

PM Modi on continuing clampdown against Corruption

PM Narendra Modi said, “For me, the fight against corruption is not the scale for electoral wins or losses. I am not fighting corruption to win or lose elections. This is my mission, my conviction. I believe that corruption is one such termite that has hollowed out the nation. I am working wholeheartedly to free this country of corruption and to build hatred against corruption in the minds of common people…”

PM Modi added, “Those who are questioning the investigating agencies, I urge them to refresh their memory. I want to tell how investigating agencies were misused earlier. I want to present some statements; the first statement is from 2013 – ‘it is not easy to fight against the Congress…it will put you in jail. The CBI will be after you. The Congress takes support after threatening you in the name of CBI and Income Tax’ – this statement is of late Mulayam Singh.”

These election mandates have ensured continuity and stability by electing a stable government for the third time, they have also assured the world. Because of these results, India is emerging as an attraction for global investors, the Prime Minister asserted. 

He made these remarks while addressing the Upper House on Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.

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