Nirwa Mehta

Politically incorrect. Author, Flawed But Fabulous.

Sant Gopal Das: fighting for cow rights by bringing dead bull at political rally

The self styled saint and activist brought a dead bull at a Haryana rally being addressed by BJP President Amit Shah.

Congress tries an innovative protest, appears like an innovative scam

Congress launched a 'State Bank of Tomatoes' to protest against price rise, but there is a catch.

Gujarat or Rajya Sabha seat? Congress chose the latter

For the Congress, a Rajya Sabha seat may be more important than the state

How this ‘progressive’ man won hearts after sexually harassing a woman

A left-leaning activist was exposed for sexual harassment, and then he did something that won him laurels.

Why I decided to publish my first novel all by myself

Journalist turned author Nirwa Mehta shares her experience with book publishing.

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