Saturday, October 23, 2021


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Mamata Banerjee declares support to missionaries even as more crimes are unearthed in her backyard

Mamta Banerjee, who most proficiently turns every incident into an 'anti-Modi', 'anti-BJP' campaign

Modi snubs Kerala CM Pinarayi, refuses to meet him for the fourth time

The Kerala CM was asked to meet Food and Public Distributions Minister Ram Vilas Paswan for his concerns over ration allocation to Kerala

The Chutzpah of Arvind Kejriwal

Words of solemn advice for Arvind Kejriwal, next to their signatures - 'End the Chutzpah'.

The Congress-JD(S) alliance need not worry, after all, they have the Indian Express

The echo-chamber would be of little use. Down you must go. All.

The Gowdas : From the accidental Prime Minister to the accidental Chief Minister, history repeats itself

The future looks bleak for the Kumaraswamy government in Karnataka.

Decoding Congress’ ‘give and take’ equation

Is Congress playing the father-son duo again?

Yeddyurappa was insulted for predicting the date of his swearing in ceremony, turns out he was right

It is 17th May, and Yeddyurappa has been sworn in as the Chief Minister

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