Friday, July 19, 2024


Claudine Gay

US Billionaire Kenneth Griffin, who has donated over $500 million, halts funding to Harvard University, calls them ‘whiney snowflakes’

Griffin made these remarks at a conference in Miami, where he reiterated that he is never going to hire the students who had put their signatures on the controversial letter that supported the actions of Hamas against Israeli civilians on October 7.

India can not afford Claudine Gays of the world in its universities- The time to act is NOW

US universities have such a long and fantastic track record and so much money in their kitty to rebuild, they can afford a few Claudine Gays. India and Indians cannot.

Harvard University president Claudine Gay resigns following antisemitism testimony and plagiarism charges, plays ‘racism card’ while stepping down

Claudine Gay said that she finds it distressing that people are doubting her 'commitment' to confront hate even though she blatantly refused to condemn calls for violence against Jews in the varsity.

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