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Muslims oppose last rites of Shrikant Paswan in Darbhanga: Media starts working overtime to hide the religious identity of the perpetrators

Darbhanga district in Bihar was gripped by communal clashes after some members of the Muslim community created a ruckus and impeded the last rites of a Hindu villager named Shrikant Paswan

Crowds outside crematoriums, funeral homes increase in China amid Covid surge

The imagery captured by Maxar Technologies showed an uptick in activity at funeral homes across six different cities, from Beijing in the north to Nanjing in the east, to Chengdu and Kunming in the southwest. 

Sidhu Moosewala’s father removes turban as a mark of respect for attendees at son’s funeral, seeks justice in murder case

Sidhu Moosewala's father removed his turban as mark of respect to attendees at son's cremation

‘I am a soldier’s wife’, ‘My father was my best friend’: Brigadier LS Lidder’s family mourns for the hero

Brigadier LS Lidder was cremated today on December 10 at Delhi's Brar Square with full military honours.

Christian convert son refuses to cremate Hindu mother, granddaughter travels 1100 km to perform the last rites

David alias Dharam Pratap Singh refused to perform last rites of his mother as per Hindu customs as he has converted to Christianity

Dead bodies at river banks, the seemingly ghoulish practice goes much beyond Covid-19. This is why Hindus ‘bury’ too

Several Hindu communities in UP bury dead bodies at riverbanks, and its not a recent phenomenon as claimed by media

AAP’s poster offering free logs to cremate the dead is real, here is what we found out

The tractors carrying the logs for cremation were flagged off with much fanfare with AAP supremo and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's face printed on the flags.

India today, Rajdeep Sardesai peddle lies about cremation ground for Covid-19 victims in Almora in Uttarakhand: Here is the truth

While Almora admin has set up a dedicated cremation ground in Almora, India Today and Rajdeep Sardesai claimed it is open field

Tragedy porn amid COVID-19 crisis: Photographs of funeral pyres from India selling for Rs. 23,000 each on stock image sites

Stock image site Getty Images is hosting dozens of photographs depicting Indian funeral pyres, selling them for up to Rs. 23,000

Top mental health experts ask media not to create panic around Covid-19, criticise negative reporting from crematoriums

NIMHANS Director, other mental health professionals release open letter asking media to avoid “panic-inducing coverage” on Covid-19

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