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Denmark: Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen assaulted in Copenhagen, one man arrested

Mette Frederiksen, 46, became prime minister of Denmark in 2019 after taking over as leader of the centre-left Social Democrats four years earlier becoming the youngest PM in Danish history.

After Sweden and Denmark, Quran burnt and desecrated in front of the embassies of Islamic countries in the Netherlands, OIC issues condemnation

Leader of PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, tore copies of the Quran in front of the embassies of Türkiye, Indonesia and Pakistan in The Hague on Saturday (23 September).

To stop the growing incidents of Quran burning in public, Denmark plans law against desecration of holy books

Danish government announced that it would propose a law that would make it illegal to desecrate or burn any holy book in Denmark

Denmark’s Foreign Minister apologises to his Algerian counterpart as multiple cases of desecration of the Quran are reported

According to the Algerian Ministry, Rasmussen described these acts as intolerable and unacceptable. The Danish Minister stressed that these acts were intrinsically contrary to the traditions of hospitality, openness, and tolerance that are firmly rooted in Danish society, the statement said.

Iranian government official calls for boycott of all products from Sweden and Denmark over Quran burnings

Following multiple Quran burning incidents in Europe, Iranian official called for boycott of products from Sweden and Denmark

After Sweden, now Quran burnt in front of the Iraqi embassy in Denmark’s Copenhagen, protests erupt at Swedish and Danish embassies in Baghdad

The Danske Patrioter group said it burnt Quran in Denmark’s Copenhagen in protest against the attack on the Swedish embassy in Baghdad.

Copenhagen shooting: Three killed, several injured in shopping centre shooting, 22-years-old arrested

The man who opened fire at a shopping mall in Denmark's Copenhagen was arrested by police and charged with manslaughter.

Denmark plans to exempt Ukrainian refugees from controversial ‘jewellery law’ that allows police to seize valuables from immigrants to fund their stay

In 2016, Denmark introduced Jewellery Law allowing police to confiscate valuables from immigrants and asylum seekers

Denmark, England lift COVID restrictions, Finland may soon follow suit

With high vaccination rates, England and Denmark have decided to do away with most pandemic restrictions

Denmark: Over 1400 dolphins killed in a barbaric tradition, distributed amongst locals for consumption amid outrage

Over 1400 white-sided dolphins were killed in Faroe Island in Denmark by the locals as part of the traditional Grindadrap event

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