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Madhya Pradesh: Hindu girl molested by Salman, Imran, Mubarik and Sameer, brother stabbed and father beaten for protesting

The brother, who was was attacked in his neck and face, and is in a critical state. He is now receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

Love Jihad in Gwalior: Married Sabir Khan blackmailed a Hindu girl, abducted and held hostage for 3 years, rapes and forced fed beef, pressurised...

In Love Jihad case in Gwalior, the accused Sabir Khan physically and sexually harassed the victim and did unnatural acts, during her captivity. It is further alleged that he forced her to eat beef and pressured her to convert to Islam. 

Madhya Pradesh: BJP councillor cleans choked sewer in Gwalior himself after Congress-run municipal corporation ignored people’s complaints, video viral

Upon receiving word of the councillor's actions, the commissioner promptly dispatched cleaning staff to the site, and the sewer chamber was cleaned.

MP: Man tears Ram Mandir poster in Gwalior, posts video on social media; arrested

Gwalior Senior Superintendent of Police Rajesh Singh Chandel said that on January 16, a Hindu Sena member filed a complaint, leading to the accused's arrest.

Madhya Pradesh: Salman Khan and Chhotu Khan attack Hindu family in Gwalior for performing Ganesh Aarti, mother, son among 4 injured with swords and...

Salam Khan, Chhotu Khan, Parvez Khan, and Irrfan Khan came with several others wielding swords and lathis to attack the Hindu family.

‘Marry me, or else I will kill you and your family’: Armaan Khan poses as Rahul to trap a Hindu girl, threatens her after...

A Hindu girl had filed a complaint against Armaan Malik for luring her into a relationship under false pretences and threatening her to marry him.

Madhya Pradesh: Retired engineer’s divorce case finalised by Gwalior court after 38 years, had filed in 1985

The engineer's arduous divorce case started in the Bhopal Court and subsequently traversed through the Vidisha Family Court, the Family Court of Gwalior, the High Court, and ultimately reached the Supreme Court.

MP: Man sleeping at railway station assumed dead, wakes up when his “dead body” was being kept inside an ambulance

Subsequently, RPF officials along with Deputy Station Superintendent arrived at the waiting room and checked the sleeping man, who showed no movement.

Madhya Pradesh: Muslim family issues death threats to their Hindu son-in-law to convert to Islam, girl seeks police protection

Farzana Bano who married Naveen Shakya has requested police protection following death threats from her family.

Jaspal Bhatti’s satire comes to life- IAS officer’s dog goes missing in Gwalior, police engage in search, “missing posters” pasted

Gwalior police along with staff of the Gwalior zoo started searching for the dog. Missing posters have been also pasted on the surrounding Dhabas.

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