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Selective outrage of low IQ Bollywood exposed with ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ campaign: What happened in Rafah and why learning all sides of a...

The recent surge in such posts by numerous Indian celebrities has brought to light a troubling trend of selective outrage. A particular image with text 'All Eyes on Rafah' was shared over 33 million times worldwide on Instagram which appears to be an attempt to amplify only one side of the conflict.

Israel-Hamas war: IDF withdraws all ground troops, except one brigade, from Southern Gaza hours before peace talks

Israel Defence Force (IDF) said that it has withdrawn all ground troops, except one brigade, from the southern Gaza Strip

Israel: Captured Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist confesses he raped a terrified Israeli woman during 7 October terror attack

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist added, “The devil took over me, I laid her down, started undressing her, and did what I did.” 

Israel forces kill 200 Hamas terrorists holed up inside Al Shifa hospital compound in Gaza, over 500 arrested since March 18

Since entering Al Shifa on March 18, Israel has killed over 200 terrorists and detained 800 terror suspects, of whom at least 500 have been confirmed as members of the Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups.

Swimming pool, gazebo, plush gardens: Take a look at the lavish holiday home of Hamas’s deputy chief in Gaza

About two months ago, the IDF took over the luxury homes of other Hamas leaders in Gaza City featuring rows of affluent homes and buildings which housed the terrorist group's parliament and police headquarters

Hamas stealing humanitarian aid: Israel Defense Forces share video of terrorists looting relief material in Gaza

"Hamas puts its terrorist goals over Gazans' needs," the Israel Defense Forces emphasised.

Israel denies reports ordering evacuation of Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital in an hour, thousands fled the medical centre amid conflicting reports

After Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital director said IDF ordered him to evacuated in an hour prompting thousands to flee, IDF denied issuing any such order

IDF releases additional footage from Gaza’s Rantisi Hospital where Israeli hostages were held, confirms death of captured soldier shown in Hamas video

Amid reports of a potential hostage deal, Israel’s War cabinet minister Benny Gantz asserted that even if Israel pauses fighting as part of a potential hostage deal, it will continue pursuing its war to dislodge Hamas’s control over the Gaza Strip.

IDF discovers Hamas tunnels below Gaza hospital, where Israeli civilians were kept hostage, recovers weapons

The IDF recovered a large cache of weapons including grenades, explosive vests, firearms and anti-tank missiles from the basement of he Al Rantisi Hospital in Gaza.

Israel releases new intelligence and evidence showing how Hamas uses Gaza hospitals for terror infrastructure 

IDF presented a video showing an underground entrance from Sheikh Hamad Hospital which allegedly connects to Hamas tunnel networks.

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