Friday, April 16, 2021



Democracy – A photo story of Karnataka elections

Photos tell a story of excitement in poll-bound Karnataka.

JD(S) party workers caught bribing voters in Muluru in Kolar, Karnataka

JD(S) partymen caught bribing voters in Maluru in Kolar, Karnataka.

Five Ways in which Congress tried to divide people in Karnataka

What's next? Offering another partition of India?

A ground report from the Modi rally in Tumakuru, Karnataka

The winds are blowing in favour of BJP in Karnataka

Here’s why the Karnataka elections will signal the end of the road for Siddaramaiah

The Siddaramaiah - Rahul Gandhi duo thought they had it under control, but it doesn't seem so

Fake poll about Karnataka assembly election outcome circulated under name of Today’s Chanakya

A poll in the name of Today's Chanakya predicting a hung assembly is being shared on Whatsapp

Congress and JDS MLAs caught on camera distributing freebies to influence voters in Karnataka

As assembly elections approach, Karnataka voters are being showered with goodies and cash

Clash erupts between Congress and JD(S) workers in Karnataka over an invitation dispute

Allegations have been levelled against the way the police handled the situation

Janata Parivar – Losers and Winners

We take an analytical look at the prospects of Janata Parivar

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