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Balbir Singh, first ‘Karsevak’ to attack Babri dome converted to Islam to atone for demolition: Karsevaks dispel long-running lie of Islamist-leftist media

For years, several Islamists and the leftist-liberal ecosystem have been peddling a story around Balbir Singh which is that he suffered the worst bout of paranoia for his contribution towards the demolition of the Babri structure and seemingly converted to Islam

Ram Mandir: Read the story of the Sandpur village where Mulayam Singh Yadav’s police fired at all and tortured villagers for sheltering Karsevaks

On 22nd October 1990, on the information of the presence of karsevaks, the local Dubaulia police station team raided the Sandpur village. In this raid, the police had also opened fire.

Shot in the head, put in jail, tortured: Karsevak Jairaj Yadav passed away after fighting death for 32 years, daughters say ‘Ram Mandir a...

Jairaj Yadav encountered a dual setback when the government of Mulayam Singh Yadav implicated him as an accused in the police onslaught on the village

‘Ram Lalla takes precedence over everything’: Karsevak Shiv Dayal Mishra, who survived 2 bullet wounds, describes the harrowing events of the 1990s

Karsevak shiv Dayal Mishra revealed how the corpses of Ram devotees were laid on the Saryu bridge in the 1990s.

Karsevak Mahavir Agrawal was shot twice in chest, was alive when tossed into a vehicle full of corpses: His widow raised their two sons...

Mahavir Prasad Agrawal's wife had to search fanatically for her missing husband on that fateful day. She finally found his body in a police vehicle full of corpses of karsevaks.

‘Chanted Maruti Stotra, a monkey came and the wall collapsed’: Meet 96-year-old Karsewak Shalini ji who had narrowly escaped police bullet in Ayodhya

Dilip Godambe also participated in the Karsewa with Shalini Dabir. He says that those who talk about building a hospital there do not know the value of that soil.

Read the tale of Karsevak Ram Achal Gupta, who was shot dead by police while singing Ramdhun in 1990 after he was stopped from...

Karsevak Ram Achal Gupta was shot dead in Ayodhya on the pretext of offering prayers during Mulayam Singh Yadav's government.

16-year-old Kar Sevak Rajendra Dharkar was shot dead under Mulayam Singh Yadav government: Read about the hardships faced by his family

Rajendra Dharkar was shot dead at the age of 16 under the government of Mulayam Singh Yadav for the crime of being a Kar Sevak

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