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‘Promoting Brahminism and casteism’: Zomato faces attack from ‘wokes’ after it announces ‘Pure Veg’ fleet for vegetarians

Zomato was at the receiving end of online attack after it announced a new service to serve its pure veg customers.

Old strangleholds loosening and new discourse appearing: Is a new Dharmic ecosystem finally taking shape

Elon Musk has just taken over Twitter. What more is 2022 going to do to the beleaguered left? While your guess is good as mine, there is not an iota of doubt that 2022, so far, has truly been a year of pleasant surprises like no other.

Another betting racket busted: UP-based cons ran a fake T20 cricket tournament live-streamed on YouTube, 2 persons arrested

The UP Police have busted a betting racket in Hapur district where the accused persons ran a fake T20 tournament named "Big Boss T20 Punjab League".

DuckDuckGo faces backlash for allowing Microsoft trackers on the browser: Here is what the CEO said to defend it

Duck Duck Go allows Microsoft's trackers on its browser under search syndication agreement, revealed researcher

Ex-head of Amnesty India Aakar Patel calls for targeted harassment of EAM S Jaishankar’s family members, Pakistani propagandist joins in

Aakar Patel targeted EAM S Jaishankar's brother saying that he is a professor 'preaching' liberalism in California with no pressure to oppose "what his family is doing to Muslims in India."

How online bullying of Vikram Sampath over bogus allegations of plagiarism is an attempt by the Left to whitewash its falsehoods on Veer Savarkar

A concerted online campaign is underway targeting renowned historian Vikram Sampath for his two-volume biography of Veer Savarkar.

GoFundMe removes online funding campaign for truckers’ Convoy in Canada, withholds over 9 million dollars

The online fundraising platform had earlier paused and announced that they would be reviewing the $10 million funds raised by Canada's truckers, who are now protesting against the vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions imposed by the Canadian government.

OpIndia Explains: The virtual world of cryptocurrency and the challenges it poses for Indian govt

PM Modi on Saturday chaired a meeting on the way forward for managing the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector in the country

Fact-check: is Amazon selling Bhindranwale and Khalistan t-shirts in India?

Is Amazon selling Bhindranwale or Khalistan merchandise in India? A Fact Check.

Kerala: Schoolgirl steals 750 grams gold from own home, ‘gifts’ it to her Instagram friends

Shibin and his mother had sold the gold for cash and repaired their house. They had kept the remaining 10 lakhs at home.

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