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New York: Pro-Palestine protesters burn US flag, vandalise World War 1 memorial after Police prevent rioters from targeting Met Gala in NYC

In counter to the recent protests by Pro-Palestine individuals, several pro-Israel supporters gathered at Hunter College on Monday evening to face off with people they accused of “supporting terrorism.” 

British councillor shouts ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ after being elected in local polls: The West is about to discover how Islamists use democracy to subvert freedom and...

Mothin Ali, a British councillor shouted "Allahu Akbar" after being elected in local polls. His election, though, underscores the threat of Islamism facing democracies.

Israel: 2 Palestinians arrested for carrying out terror attack in Central Israel; 1 woman killed, 17 injured

According to Times of Israel, the police Central District Commander Avi Bitton said the Ra’anana terror attacks were carried out by two Palestinians from the Hebron area who had been working in the city’s industrial zone recently. They were in Israel illegally. 

‘Christmas is cancelled here’: Pro-Palestine protestors disrupt Christmas celebrations, raise Intifada slogans, 6 arrested after clash with NYPD

The protestors carried the blood-covered Nativity scene stating “No Joy In Genocide,” across the Big Apple on their shoulders while chanting "Christmas is cancelled here."

‘Terrible mistake’: Susan Sarandon apologises for anti-semitic remarks at NYC rally after top Hollywood talent agency drops her

Sarandon had joined the crowd in an NYC rally, chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, an antisemitic slogan.

A Kerala group is organising anti-Israel protests in several cities: What the protests are, the ‘toolkit’, the founder and her anti-Hindutva rhetoric and more

The intention behind "The Solidarity Movement" demonstrations scheduled for 14th November is clear upon seeing this story post shared by one of the organisers

“I am here for climate demonstration, not a political view”: Man slams Greta Thunberg for turning Amsterdam event into pro-Hamas campaign

A man walked up to Greta Thunberg and said he is at the event for climate demonstration and not politics after she had invited a Palestinian to speak at the climate protest.

​UK Home Secy Suella Braverman goes all guns blazing in her article criticising pro-Palestinian “hate marchers” ahead of protests allowed by Met police on...

Braverman mentioned that football fans are policed more as compared to the "politically connected minority groups who are favoured by the left"

Israeli forces allow 4-hour evacuation corridor for Gazans, urge civilians to move to the south beyond Wadi Gaza wetlands

The IDF also allowed a four-hour evacuation passage from 10 am to 2 pm to south of Wadi Gaza on 6th November

Hamas put their terrorists on the list of ‘wounded’ Palestinians to be evacuated from Gaza: Reports

Hamas reportedly provided a list of 'wounded' Palestinians to Egypt, Israel and the United States, reiterating that they should be evacuated along with US nationals and others.

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