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Delhi: Parents enter shop leaving two children in car, thief drives away and demands ₹50 lakh ransom, abandons vehicle with kids after police chase

Delhi: Thief stole car with two children after their parents entered a shop and demanded ₹50 lakh ransom, abandoned car with kids after around 20 police cars chased him

Female boxer from Assam held captive by ‘social media friend’ in Nigeria after she suddenly reached Lagos to meet him, family receives ransom calls...

A female boxer from Assam's Guwahati has been held captive by her 'social media friend' in Nigeria

West Bengal: ‘Friends’ kidnap teen for ransom to buy gaming laptops, kill him after offering Rasgullas and cold drink

Online gaming addiction leads to the murder of a teen in Nadia, West Bengal

Bangladeshi youth Alomgir says he was kept hostage for 2 weeks by his Facebook friend Ajmal in Assam, released after paying a ransom

Bangladeshi youth Alomgir Hussen has alleged that he was held hostage by Ajmal and his family in Assam in exchange of ransom

Hackers demand Rs 200 crores in cryptocurrency as AIIMS Delhi server remains dysfunctional for 6th day

Delhi AIIMS server remains dysfunctional for the 6th consecutive day as hackers demand a ransom of Rs 200 crores.

Nawab Malik floats new conspiracy theory in cruise ship drugs case, alleges Aryan Khan was kidnapped for ransom

Nawab Malik claimed that Aryan Khan didn't purchase ticket for cruise ship, he was taken there by others, therefore it is kidnap and ransom case

Bengal based company alleges TMC MLA’s aide kidnapped 3 engineers for extorting money, writes to Mamata Banerjee seeking intervention

Real estate firm Purti Realty has alleged that an aide of TMC MLA Ashima Patra kidnapped 3 engineers demanding ransom

Banned outfit ULFA(I) releases one of the two Quippo employees near Myanmar border more than 100 days after abducting them

After released by ULFA(I), Pranam Kumar Gogoi crossed the Indo-Myanmar border on foot, where Indian Riffles soldiers found him

Businessman’s ex-driver kidnaps his son, a class one student for ransom, shoots himself after retaliation by UP Police

Ranvir was kidnapped from the gymnastics hall of Boys High School and College located in the Civil Lines area of ​​Prayagraj where the child went for extra classes

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