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Sanitary Pads

Bihar: IAS officer Harjot Kaur Bhamra expresses regret over her controversial remarks, cites patriarchal society as the reason behind her argument

Harjot Kaur Bhamra said in her explanation letter, "I express regret if my words hurt any girl's sentiments. I didn't intend to humiliate anyone or hurt anyone's sentiments; in fact, I intended to inspire them to be independent."

‘Next, you’ll ask for condoms as well’, Bihar IAS officer Harjot Kaur tells students requesting affordable sanitary pads

"The government provides a lot of freebies. Can't they offer us sanitary pads that cost Rs 20-30?" a student asked IAS Harjot Kaur.

Delhi govt has stopped supplying sanitary napkins to 30,000 girls under Udaan scheme for last 2.5 years: Report

Having failed at keeping the sanitary napkin scheme operational, Delhi government has now decided to re-launch the scheme in a new avatar.

Congress leader Pankaj Punia insults women, mocks the Re 1 sanitary napkin scheme announced by PM Modi

Congress leader Pankaj Punia mocked RSS supporters by asking them to use Re 1 sanitary napkin provided by govt to poor women

Price of misplaced activism: Post GST exemption, manufacturing cost of sanitary napkins up

The government gave into popular activism and exempted sanitary napkins from GST

Dear Twinkle Khanna, I love you, but you are so, so wrong

To solve a problem, you need to get your hands dirty, like the character played by your husband

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