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In Prayagraj, Prime Minister Modi washed the feet of sanitation workers as a mark of respect
Modi decided, suddenly and aggressively, to raise the bar. A mission to go from 40% to 100% in just 5 years.
The mission is winning accolades for openly talking about a subject that was a taboo till recently
UNICEF's India chief says countrywide efforts in healthcare, newborn care and immunisation has been instrumental in bringing down infant death rates in the country.
Having calculation skill is good, but having common sense is of utmost importance
19 states and Union Territories have declared themselves open defecation free so far
The casual attitude of the hospital is shocking.
People weren't amused by the analysis carried on The Print
Their contention was not only misleading, but factually incorrect.
India's global hunger index ranking has invited a lot of politics in recent days
Was it an innocuous political comment or did it hint at something more

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