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The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story in Uttarakhand: Mubina Yusuf pressurises Hindu girl to convert and marry her Muslim friend, threatens to leak her private photos and...

The victim girl told the police that Mubina Yusuf grew close to her and started pressurizing her for religious conversion by showing videos of Muslim religious leaders.

‘Neha’s murder is like The Kerala Story, she was stalked, Fayaz’s sister is trying to make college photos viral to defame my daughter’: Niranjan...

Niranjan Hiremath added that the killer Fayaz, after getting rejected by Neha, had continued stalking her. Neha's every movement was followed and he had engaged a group of people to know all the details like the timings of coming to college, the gates she used to enter through, the classes she attended, and the places she visited.

‘The Kerala Story’ plot in Bihar: Sameer Alam lures and abducts a minor Dalit girl, forcibly marries her by hiding his identity, arrested while...

On further interrogation, Sameer Alam confessed that he intended to take the minor girl with him to Nepal to sell her there. The modus operandi resembles the plot exposed in 'The Kerala Story' movie.

After Doordarshan screening, Idukki diocese shows The Kerala Story as part of training programme to educate teens about dangers of love affairs and love...

The students were asked to watch the Kerala Story and review it after discussion within their groups

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and Congress oppose the telecast of ‘The Kerala Story’ on Doordarshan, claim it will create ‘polarisation’

The Kerala Story was based on real life events where non-Muslim girls were systematically targeted, converted to Islam and brainwashed into joining he ISIS.

‘The Kerala Story’-like incident in Ghaziabad: Minor Hindu girl lured by her Muslim friend found with Rahisuddin, was drugged and reportedly raped

Rahisuddin's aunt and sister were also complicit in the crime against the 15-year-old Hindu girl in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

‘It hurts when films with regressive messaging make 100s of crores’: Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Kiran Rao goes on a similar rant as Naseeruddin Shah

After actor Naseeruddin Shah bemoaned the overwhelming response to Hindu-centric films such as 'The Kashmir Files' and 'The Kerala Story,' Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's ex-wife Kiran Rao went on a similar rant

Wear hijab, you will get respect if you become a Muslim: Anam and Hamid tried to brainwash and convert a Dalit girl to Islam...

A Dalit girl is forced to embrace Islam by her Muslim roommate and her co-religionist male friend in Bhopal.

‘Film Industry has ganged up to punish us’: The Kerala Story director Sudipto Sen says as the movie finds no OTT buyers

Film director Sudipto Sen claims that the box office success of The Kerala Story has irked many sections of the film industry

Naseeruddin Shah whines about dull performance of movies made by liberal filmmakers, rants against The Kerala Story with a bizarre comment about Nazi Germany

Naseeruddin Shah trashes The Kerala Story and compares it to Adolf Hitler's time when filmmakers were co-opted.

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