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Twitter Files

Democrats try to force Matt Taibbi of ‘Twitter Files’ fame to reveal his sources, journalist stands his ground: Watch

The ‘Twitter Files’ (as it is now called) story was initially broken by independent journalist Matt Taibbi.

Twitter was asked to restrict ‘Hindu nationalists’ associated with BJP based on fake TekFog database by TheWire: The web of deceit

The US-based DFRLab claimed that despite being well aware that the dataset could not be linked to the BJP, it nonetheless provided the list to social media platforms (including Twitter) as part of 'due diligence.'

Was Ayushman Kaul of Tek Fog fame behind the DFR Lab report that wanted to censor Hindu nationalists on Twitter

Ayushman Kaul had collaborated with The Wire on several projects, including the one on Tek Fog, a dubious, non-existent app, in January 2022.

Tajinder Bagga to Kapil Mishra: Twitter Files reveal how US govt, and Soros-funded DFR Lab wanted to censor ‘Hindu Nationalist’ accounts associated with BJP

The DFR Lab is a product of the Atlantic Council, an organisation funded by the US government and George Soros' Open Society Foundation that works to promote US and Western interests.

Censoring Covid opinions, suppressing Hunter Biden story, allowing child porn: Ex Twitter execs including Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde grilled by US Committee

Twitter Former deputy counsel James Baker, former Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth and former chief legal officer Vijaya Gadde were grilled

Twitter Files: ‘Hamilton 68’ funded by a neo-liberal NGO falsely labelled right-wing accounts as Russian disinformation bots

Despite finding that Hamilton 68 was falsely labelling ordinary ring wing users as Russian bots, ex-Twitter official Yoel Roth remained silent

Democrats and media organisations knowingly propagated the ‘Russiagate theory’ hoax to discredit Donald Trump’s election victory: Twitter Files

'Twitter Files 14.0' revealed how attempts made by top executives to stop Democrats from posting unverified claims about Russiagate were in vain.

Twitter Files: Tech giant furthered Pfizer’s financial interests, censored doctor’s tweet hailing natural immunity

Interestingly, the Pfizer Board member was seen mouthing platitudes about the need for 'respectful debate and dialogue' in October last year

Elon Musk takes a dig at leftist media outlets for glossing over Twitter Files

The development comes days after Jimmy Fallon mocked Elon Musk on his show for banning doxxers on Twitter.

Twitter Files 9.0: CIA and FBI frequently interfered in content moderation of the social media platform

"The Twitter Files show executives under constant pressure to validate theories of foreign influence," Matt Taibbi emphasised.

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