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Manish Tewari goes on an unhinged rant, gets called out

It all started with an innocuous tweet addressed to Manish Tewari that said Congress never took care of Hindus citing the example of Kashmiri Pandits and their exodus. What ensued, is a perfect example of how blatantly and brazenly the Congress party and its members lie, concoct, even whitewash a genocide, for their own petty political ends.

In his first tweet, he tries to indict Jagmohan, the then governor of Kashmir and VP Singh for the exodus and gets called out by Aarti Tikoo, who is herself a Kashmiri Pandit and Senior Assistant Editor at the Times of India.

Once again, even after being called out, Manish Tewari keeps at it. Trying to shift blame.

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If almost exonerating the Islamic extremists and terrorists, peddling the ‘Jagmohan did it’ lie, and blaming the BJP wasnt enough, Manish Tewari went a step further and almost blamed Kashmiri Pandits for “leaving” Kashmir by comparing the exodus to that of Punjab.

The backlash on Twitter was rather enormous with many flabbergasted with Manish Tewari’s blatant genocide denial. Scientist Anand Ranganathan reacted by saying it was one the saddest days to see this comparison being made. He then put forth stats that elucidated the difference in the two tragedies.

Even Tajinder Bagga, who is the BJP Delhi spokesperson lashed out at Manish Tewari for his hate filled ignorance.

A Twitter user that goes by the handle @OnlyNakedTruth put out a threat and held back no punches. Here are his tweets :

We don’t think Manish Tewari would ever retract a statement that attempted to whitewash genocide and state inaction for petty political gains, but we know this statement would ring through the years, all the way to 2019.

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