The Irish lady’s misconduct is merely the latest in a long list of transgressions by ‘liberals’

Behind their garb of moral superiority lie a desire to control others and accumulate power. In recent times, their mask has been coming off with remarkable frequency. The vile behaviour of the Irish lady is only the latest is a long list of misconduct by liberals.

A video went viral on social media yesterday which showed an Irish lady abusing the Air India crew in vile language because they refused her extra wine. In the video, the lady could be heard saying that she is an international criminal lawyer and has been working for the human rights of Palestinians and Rohingyas.

The sheer entitlement that the lady exhibits has become a hallmark of liberal behaviour in western countries. Liberals in the West appear to live under the delusion that they are entitled to certain privileges and deferential treatment by everyone around them. The lady clearly believes that she is entitled to extra wine merely because she is a proponent of the liberal worldview.

It’s not the first time that a liberal has embarrassed herself in a flight. Earlier this year, a Swedish student created a ruckus inside a flight to prevent the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker. It might appear crazy but the person whose deportation she was trying to prevent had a criminal record. He had been convicted and spent time in jail. Despite pleas by the airline staff to sit down and obvious disgruntlement of fellow passengers, she continued the ruckus and broadcast it on social media via Facebook Live. She is set to be prosecuted under “for crimes against the aviation law”.

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On another occasion, activists prevented the deportation of an asylum seeker on an Australian flight. “I just sat down and made it look like nothing was happening and once the last passenger was on and ready to go I stood up and told the air hostess that I wouldn’t sit down or leave until Puvaneethan was taken off the plane,” Ms Pilbrow, a 21-year-old activist, said.

There are numerous other such incidents. All of this only goes on to show that liberals have complete disregard for law and the convenience and comfort of those around them. Worst of all, they get cheered and receive pats on the back for causing entirely avoidable harassment to those around them.

As the Irish lady proved quite clearly, liberals perceive themselves to be above conventional norms of manners and etiquette. In their world, they are heroes before whom the plebs are meant to shower adulation. Those around them exist solely for the purpose of their gratification. the humanitarian concerns of liberals are not motivated by the benevolent aspects of human nature but are borne out of darker aspirations such as the will to power and a desire for glory.

Liberals harbour a particular grudge towards those performing their duty in an orderly fashion. Perhaps, it is because they have an innate affinity towards chaos or disrupting ‘tyranny’ earns them special brownie points among their brethren. If achieving glory wasn’t the primary objective, then why did the Swedish student broadcast her ‘protest’ via Facebook Live?

Across the world, liberals believe they can abandon common decency and treat those around them they disagree with in the most egregious manner because they have somehow earned that right. The Irish lady believed she had earned the right to have extra wine served to her because she had helped Palestinians and Rohingyas. The Swedish lady believed she had earned the right to harass her co-passengers because it was for the ‘greater good’. But what is the greater good served here really? That a convicted criminal’s deportation was delayed? That a liberal earned herself the right to feel great about herself at the expense of security for others?

These are, surprisingly enough, only minor transgressions liberals have indulged themselves in because of their false sense of superiority and moral righteousness. They have, in the past, much like Jihadis, attacked trump supporters because of differences in political opinion. They have shut down conservative speakers in University campuses. In India, they seek to desecrate the faith of hundreds and thousands of people. They whitewash the crimes of tyrants to score political victories against the NDA government. Journalists even try to hide their alleged financial crimes under the garb of threats to freedom of expression. This is nothing short of a disgrace.

Behind their garb of moral superiority lie a desire to control others and accumulate power. In recent times, their mask has been coming off with remarkable frequency. The vile behaviour of the Irish lady is only the latest is a long list of misconduct by liberals.

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