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Bitter baby empire: It’s time the UK minds its own business

The title itself is not only misleading but is seen as an attempt to downplay the achievement of India, once Britain's colony which it lived off, so pompously for over 200 years when it suited their moral conscience.

#StatueOfUnity prevailed all over the news headlines for the last three days for reasons well known. Widely held to be PM Modi’s personal brainchild and pet project, the foundation for the project was laid down in 2013, its construction was formally completed in mid-October 2018 in a record time span of 33 months.

The inaugural ceremony was held on 31st October 2018, as the statue was opened to the world, presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. In engineering circles around the globe, the gargantuan statue is being described and credited as a tribute to the under-rated Indian engineering skills.

The world is facing a paradoxical situation, being aroused and intrigued by the particular marvellous feat and at the same time is left feeling bothered about the #StatueOfUnity. After all, it’s the world’s tallest statue built by a third world country which is making strides in every field larger than what their petty minds can fathom.

With a height of 182 metres (597 ft) or about two times as tall as the Statue of Liberty. The international media has been ever since trying to downplay the feat achieved by India using entirely local Indi-generous technology and manpower.

Daily Mail UK came out with a distinctly offensive article titled “That’s rich! We gave £1 billion aid to India as they built £330million statue”. The title itself is not only misleading but is seen as an attempt to downplay the achievement of India, once Britain’s colony which it lived off, so pompously for over 200 years when it suited their moral conscience. The parasite, now a full-bloodied creature, cannot possibly come to terms with India’s rise, a country it left in shambles, built back so painstakingly by the Iron Man himself.

The article quotes Britain MP Peter Bone who has opined “To take £1.1billion in aid from us and then at the same time spend £330million on a statue is a total nonsense and it is the sort of thing that drives people mad. What it proves is that we should not be giving money to India. It is up to them how they spend their money but if they can afford this statue, then it is clearly a country we should not need to be giving aid to.”

Hours after the article was published Twitter users started to call out the hypocrisy of Britain MP Peter Bone. BJP Youth Wing leader SG Suryah from Tamil Nadu tweeted out saying “British who once ruled us are reduced to nothing while India is a Global Power. Obviously they can’t tolerate India scaling heights. He added that not a single pount from the British aid went in the making of the statue.

In the series of tweets, Suryah called out the lies and deplorable distortions of truths, made by the Britain MP Peter Bone and gave him facts & figures that could go out and embarrass the UK.

He first spelt out the figures on Indian money being pumped into the UK in terms of higher education contributing enormously to their growth story.

Then he went on to quote about the wealth plundered by the British Empire in India while it occupied it for over two centuries. Thereafter he referred to the events that transpired in 2012 when India rejected the funds while Britain kept on insisting to receive the funds to save their(Britain Govt.) face locally.

The fact is that not one pound from the British Aid that was given to India, went to the construction of this grand statue, the very headline of Daily Mail UK is misleading, notorious and banks fallacious comparisons, done with the sole intent of downplaying this monumental feat India has achieved a couple of days back.

And it is most certainly not the job of the likes a British MP “Peter Bone” to decide what is nonsense and what makes people mad, it’s time to call out this MP and leave him a memo about the immutable foreseeable change that India is going to bring to the World Order.

It is natural to be envious of the people who were once mere servants under your regime, but are now reclaiming their glory in spite of what you did to them but dear Mr Bone, why don’t you mind your own business and perhaps try to save your own economy?

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Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel is a Project Management Consultant based out of Mumbai. He holds interest in Bollywood, Entertainment Industry, Politics and Public policy.

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