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From Pulwama terrorist Ahmed Dar to Maoists who killed BJP MLA: Here is how they speak the same language as ‘Liberals’ demonising Hindus and RSS

The perpetrators across the length and breadth of the country, from Kashmir to Dantewada are now echoing what the Liberals have been saying since Modi came to power.

On April 9, 2019, the last day of the election campaign for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, the sitting BJP MLA from Dantewada, Bhima Mandavi was returning from campaigning for his party in his convoy, unaware of the terrible fate about to befall. In an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast, Naxals blew up Mandavi’s convoy, killing him and 4 security personnel accompanying him. The blast took place at Shyamagiri hills when the MLA’s convoy was heading towards Kuwakonda from Bacheli area, about 450 km from state capital Raipur.

Yesterday, the Maoists claimed the responsibility of the attack alleging that the attack on Mandavi was in ‘retaliation’ to the killing of Maoist cadres in encounters by security forces and the grant of iron mining permission to Adani group in Dantewada. Defending the horrifying killing of the BJP legislator, the secretary for the Dankarnaya Special Zone and Darbha Division Committee of the banned Communist Party of India-Maoist, Sainath, claimed that the gruesome killing was in response to the aggressive Hindutva agenda pursued by the BJP and the RSS which seeks to divide people into the lines of caste, community and religion.

This is exactly what the Liberals have been bellowing against the BJP government ever since it came to power in 2014. From the last 5 years, Liberals across the country have fanned fear among the minorities by raising a bugbear of BJP-RSS attempting to turn this country into a Hindu Rashtra. For any untoward incident happened against persons belonging to minority communities, the Liberals have jumped the gun to hold ‘Hinduism’ pursued by BJP-RSS responsible for it. This, when the RSS has made it amply clear that

Juxtapose the reasons given by Sainath for carrying out an attack on BJP MLA with the assertions made by the Pulwama terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar in the video released by the Jaish-e-Muhammad terror outfit following the attack on the CRPF convoy that killed 40 CRPF personnel. Expressing his unmitigated hatred from Hindus, Dar justifies their killings by calling them ‘infidels’ and ‘cow piss drinkers‘. For many Liberals, Ahmed Dar was a manifestation of the growing resentment among the Kashmiri Muslims against the BJP’s pro-Hindu policies.

The Liberals masquerading as terror apologists then, instead of issuing an unconditional condemnation for the attack carried out by Dar blamed the perceived excesses by the security forces for pushing him towards extremism and held the central government’s supposedly anti-Muslim stance and pro-Hindu policies responsible for the Pulwama tragedy.

In fact, one of them went a step ahead and did a caste-based analysis of the soldiers killed in the attack. In an apparent reference to Modi and Shah, the journalist contended that lower caste soldiers had to pay with their lives for the bravado displayed by upper caste Hindus. Liberals also conjured up imagined Kashmiri victims and started a rumour that Kashmiri students were being attacked in various colleges and universities across India by the hostile RSS-BJP supporters in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack.

In 2015, a 15-year old Junaid Khan lost his life in a scuffle over the seat in a train compartment. However, in no time the Liberals spun the story and presented it as an attack on a Muslim by Hindutva sympathisers and castigated the BJP government for empowering such mobs to operate with impunity. However, it was later observed by the courts that the attack on Junaid Khan was because of the dispute over the berth in a train compartment and not a coordinated mob attack against a citizen belonging to a minority as the Liberals would have us believe.

There’s a stark similarity in the explanation tendered by Sainath while reasoning the murder of BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi and that of the terror apologists who defended the atrocity committed by Ahmed Dar and twisted it to pin the blame on RSS-BJP. The Maoist and terrorists are now co-opting the arguments peddled by Liberals to justify their vile acts against their adversaries. This link between the Naxals, terrorists and the Liberals was well-explain in the film-director Vivek Agnihotri’s book ‘The Urban Naxals’. The book exposed the vile nexus of Liberals with the Naxals and terrorists and all their shenanigans which until then had been meticulously hidden from the world were exposed in the book.

The Liberal-favoured Congress governments in the past have denied Hindus their rights, appeased Muslims and other minorities and have also concocted the term Hindu Terrorism taking Hindus on a guilt-ride. The BJP government, on the other hand, had abandoned appeasement politics, debunked the Hindu Terror bogey raised by Congress and restored the Hindu glory back which seems to be unpalatable to the Liberal cabal.

The Hindus who were conditioned to remain oppressed by the previous governments and their allies from the ‘Liberal’ community have finally awakened to the injustices meted out to them. Perhaps, this awakening which manifested itself into a thumping majority to the Modi government has spooked the Liberal community which is using every incident to ridicule the BJP government and demonise the Hindus.

The perpetrators across the length and breadth of the country, from Kashmir to Dantewada are now echoing what the Liberals have been saying since Modi came to power. Every egregious act is being vociferously justified and defended by blaming the surging Hinduism and holding the BJP-RSS governments liable for them.

Liberals have, perhaps, realised that the only way to get a government at the centre who is sympathetic to their world view is by demonising the Hindus and excoriating the BJP government’s pro-Hindu policies responsible for any unfortunate incident in the country. Such is the deep-seated hatred for Hindus and Hinduism amongst Liberals that they have no qualms if the terrorists and Maoist co-opt their contentions.

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