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Tughlaq Road Chunavi Ghotala: PM Modi said Congress is looting the money designated for pregnant women

Prime Minister Modi's scathing attack on Congress a day before India goes to vote in the first phase of the elections

A day before India goes to vote in the 2019 general elections, Prime Minister Modi in a frontal attack on Congress upped his ante and said that a new name has been added to the list of corruption by Congress, “Tughlaq Road Chunavi Ghotala”.

Prime Minister Modi was referring to the “Tughlaq Road” address of a senior functionary of a political party from whose residence money was transferred to the party headquarters through hawala route.

Addressing a rally in Junagarh, Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi said that Congress has snatched away food from poor and children and filled the stomach of their own leaders. “Congress is looting the money designated for pregnant women,” PM Modi said.

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PM Modi was referring to the logs that were recovered from the mobile phone of Lalit Kumar, accountant of Rajendra Miglani, who is a close aide of Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath in the ongoing income tax raids. The logs show amounts allocated to various schemes were siphoned to be sent to the party fund. Apart from collecting money from PWD, Excise, transport etc departments, they also collected money for a scheme meant for the nutrition of infants and pregnant women. On the dispatch part, the note mentions entries like Cheque PCC, Cash PCC, Delhi AICC, Election Bond AICC, Cheque AICC, MLAs etc heads to where money was sent, with amounts in lakhs against them.

PM Modi further said, “In last 3-4 days you would have seen sacks full of cash of Congress leaders being found. It has not even been six months of Congress government in Madhya Pradesh.” He added that after turning Karnataka into its ATM, Congress has turned Madhya Pradesh into one. “Fate of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh won’t be any different,” he said. Congress only comes to power to loot the nation, he said.

“All day Congress runs the same tape, “Modi Hatao, Modi hatao”. This is the same Congress which was nurtured by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,” PM Modi said in Gujarat. “Can people of Junagarh and Somnath forget Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel? If Sardar weren’t there, imagine where Junagarh would have been,” he added. Junagarh and Bhopal, two princely states, which initially wanted to be part of Pakistan, had succumbed to Sardar Patel’s diplomacy and agreed to become part of India. The majority population in Junagarh wanted to be part of India, while the ruler wanted to join Pakistan. India sent its army and surrounded Junagarh. The ruler panicked and left India in a jiffy.

The first phase of voting will start tomorrow. Gujarat goes to vote for all 26 Lok Sabha constituencies on April 23 in single phase. BJP President Amit Shah will be contesting from Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency.

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