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Kya alien le gaye viman? Zee Rajasthan wonders if ‘aliens’ abducted IAF’s missing AN-32 aircraft which is still missing with 13 onboard

Zee Rajasthan asks the right questions about the missing AN-32 aircraft.

The Indian Air Force’s AN-32 transport plane which went missing with 13 people onboard near the China border on June 4 has still not been traced. Meanwhile, Zee Rajasthan ran a program yesterday where they wondered whether the aircraft has been abducted by aliens.

The video starts with a montage of Air Force officers running around, the air traffic control room and other images of Indian Air Force jets taking off. It then informs how the Indian Air Force’s jet has gone missing followed by images and videos of more aircrafts.

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The voice-over anchor then says how there is no sign of the missing aircraft. “Na aasman ne viman ko nigla, na hi viman ko dharti leel gayi (neither the sky swallowed the aircraft, nor did the earth swallow it),” he says. “Na hi samandar mein samaya viman (nor did the aircraft crash in the ocean),” he added. This is followed by montage of the ocean, with navy vessels and a submarine.

The dejected voice-over anchor then says, “Char din se talash jaari, phir bhi hai haath khaali (Search operations on since four days but still empty-handed).”

Then, as if on cue, he asks, where did the aircraft go? A graphic of a UFO comes with light falling down. “Kahin alien to nahin le gaye viman? (Whether the aliens took away the aircraft?” he asks very seriously. This is followed by imagery of a spaceship entering over what looks like a stadium and one alien graphic appears next to a flying aircraft (not the AN-32).

In the next slide, he asks whether the missing aircraft is a conspiracy our neighbouring planet. This is again followed by some footage of alien-films from Hollywood. “Are aliens playing hide and seek with us humans? If the aircraft is in this world, then how come there are no signs of it?” he asks.

Then the voice-over anchor wonders whether the aliens reside at the Indo-China border? He asserts that aircrafts just don’t go ‘missing’ just like that and that there will always be some evidence. Whether lack of evidence points to the fact that the aircraft is hidden in a UFO?

He then says how the world is full of mysteries and anything is possible. Then why shrug off the possibility of alien involvement in the missing aircraft? And if the aliens did not take away the aircraft, then why is it not traced yet? He concludes by questioning whether the aliens took away the aircraft.

Disclaimer: OpIndia does not believe the aliens abducted the aircraft and we certainly do not believe aliens reside on the Indo-China border. This is a sarcastic post to show the mainstream media comes up with bizarre conspiracy theories.

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