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Part-time politician Rahul Gandhi winks again: The clown Prince cannot be serious even in the face of annihilation

Maybe next Rahul Gandhi can make some Jazz hands while talking about the prospects of the Congress party in the next five years.

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Rahul Gandhi is back. After the crushing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections where the PM Modi led BJP managed to improve its tally to 303 seats, Rahul Gandhi, post a brief resignation drama shipped himself to London for a vacation, according to reports. Now, he is back in the Parliament after, of course, missing half the afternoon session on the first day of the Parliament session.

The Grand Old Party is going through a crisis. While its senior leaders might be to beholden to Rahul Gandhi to realise, but the party is dying and the match to the funeral pyre is being lit by none other than Rahul Gandhi.

The weight of that realisation might have cast any yuppy-now-a-vacation-now-a-rally politician into serious introspection. But not Rahul Gandhi.

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After the resignation drama where he tendered his resignation to a body of which he is the President, which in turn rejected that resignation, Rahul Gandhi is back to his old shenanigans, hell-bent to prove to the world that is mostly unserious about his role as a serious politician.

On the first day of the parliamentary session, Rahul Gandhi was late to the parliament. Just before he arrived, Rahul Gandhi, in an attempt to appear as a serious parliamentarian, tweeted this was his 4th consecutive term as the member of Lok Sabha. He said that he was beginning his new innings as an MP from Wayanad and that he will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India.

The attempt to appear as a serious politician, however, took a massive hit as soon as mr-fourth-time-mp reached the Parliament.

First, while taking the oath, for the fourth time, as Rahul Gandhi himself reminded us, he goofed up. After reading out his oath, he walked off without signing as the newly inducted MP. He had to be stopped by Rajnath Singh, India’s Defence Minister and reminded that there was one little step he forgot. This, after he had done this routine 3 times in the past.

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Then, to top it all, he left the parliament and the infamous wink make a reappearance.

The photograph was taken by Indian Express photojournalist Anil Sharma. Sharma managed to capture a moment not just of Rahul Gandhi winking, but a moment that has the potential to remind an entire nation of their reasons for not choosing the clown Prince to lead them into destruction.

One really doesn’t know why Rahul Gandhi does what he does.

One remembers that asinine wink after he created a massive drama hugging Prime Minister Modi inside the Parliament.

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And then, while a debate surrounding the Rafale deal was on, he did it again.

While Darbaris refuse to see it, Rahul Gandhi’s constant face-twitch is a worrying sign for the Congress party.

Imagine someone telling you that you have some life-threatening disease, and then, looking to a third person and winking like a mad man. You would either want to beat that fellow up or, you would refuse to take him seriously and go to another ‘serious’ doctor who could tell you exactly what was wrong.

Rahul Gandhi pretended to play the politics of ‘love’. He hugged the Prime Minister. Then, he looked at one of his friends in the Parliament and winked. It was as if he was accepting that all that talk was a farce.

Then, after making a massive hue and cry about some non-existent Rafale scam, while a debate was on, he winked again.

And now, after a massive loss in Amethi and Congress’ loss country-wide, while he was busy with his resignation drama trying to tell the country that he takes their mandate seriously enough to step down, he winks again.

Even if out of pity, one wants to take Rahul Gandhi seriously, he tries every trick in the book to ensure that never happens.

Maybe next Rahul Gandhi can make some Jazz hands while talking about the prospects of the Congress party in the next five years. Or perhaps, the more appropriate gesture would be to scream ‘Bazinga’ in a meeting where the unanimous decision of senior politicians is going to be that Rahul baba can lead the dying party to victory sometime in the future because he has, finally, come of age.

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