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Ravish Kumar blames ‘Modi the dictator’ for people not wanting to watch his mediocre shows anymore

Ravish Kumar, who had once asked people to stop watching TV and smash them for the sake of democracy has now cried foul once again stating that the political atmosphere created by Narendra Modi led BJP was the reason why people do not watch his mediocre shows anymore.

Ravish Kumar, the star of the ‘liberal-secular’ media industry, has time and again demonstrated his state of paranoia by indulging in fear-mongering and propagating false agenda against the Narendra Modi government.

After facing a severe setback following the landslide victory of the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Ravish Kumar seems to be hurt and is now back to his old game of blaming ‘dictator’ Narendra Modi for every event that has occurred in the country since his re-election.

Ravish Kumar, who had once asked people to stop watching TV and throw them out to save the democracy has now displayed his hypocrisy by crying foul that the political atmosphere created by Narendra Modi led BJP was the reason why people do not watch his mediocre shows anymore.

In an interview, Ravish Kumar, as usual, while narrating his bizarre conspiracy theories, shared a ‘story’ of a boy who was abused by his own family after he had congratulated Ravish Kumar for winning Ramon Magsaysay award. Describing the story, Ravish Kumar said that he never expected that people belonging to the same family would muzzle dissenting voices.

Furthering his fear-mongering, he claimed that there is a situation in this country, where there is no need of the state to repress the people rather society will itself repress the dissenters.

Expressing his sympathy for that fictitious boy, Ravish Kumar claimed that the political system currently has polarised people within the family, leaving societies with many more divisions.

The most intriguing part of the Ravish conspiracy theories is when he described another story where one of his followers said to him that his elder brother switches off the television set whenever he watches Ravish Kumar’s show. With his usual rhetorics, Ravish Kumar asks what is happening within the country.

Next, Ravish Kumar insinuates that post-Narendra Modi led BJP’s victory, every member of the society is being converted into a political supporter. Taking his conspiracy theory to the next stage, he further claims that every voter is being converted into a political worker. Ravish Kumar further condescends that an average voter does not know much about the reality and they are unknowingly legitimising the things pushed by the political establishment by supporting its policies.

Ravish Kumar, who believes to be the most righteous man in the country, has a hidden talent of weaving new conspiracy theories to sustain his anti-government propaganda. The problem with ‘journalist’ Ravish Kumar is that he already knows who his enemy is. Strangely, Ravish considers PM Modi as his ‘adversary’ rather than an ideological opponent.

However, the most bizarre part is that Ravish Kumar himself accepts that his self-proclaimed ‘enemy’ does not even acknowledge his existence.

So, in an attempt to display his ‘dissent’, Ravish Kumar often targets the government, especially Prime Minister Modi. For Ravish Kumar, everything has to be about Modi as it was evident even in the hour of the grief of a remarkable politician like Sushma Swaraj, where he did not even hesitate to have that smug face while suggesting she was ignored purposefully by Modi.

The curious case of Ravish Kumar’s journalism is that he often resorts to shooting the allegations in the dark without backing with any hard evidence, relying on ridiculous claims like “Mujhe log message karte hain (People often text me)” or “Maine logon se baat ki (I talked to people)” or “Sutro ke mutabik (according to sources)”.

The above fantasy story of a boy which he narrates in the interview also falls flat as there is no evidence to back his claim.

As people are recognising Ravish’s bluff, they have now begun to stay away from his conspiracy fiction stories. With both Ravish Kumar and the NDTV fighting for relevance in the new age of media, it is rather not surprising to see Ravish Kumar venting out his anger by blaming ‘dictator’ Modi for everything under the sun.

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