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Congress meets anti-India, antisemite Jeremy Corbyn who supports terror groups and Islamists: All you need to know about him

The UK branch of the Congress party might claim that the purpose of the meeting was to get the Corbyn to disassociate his party from the anti-India rhetoric on Kashmir but Corbyn's tweet on the matter made it pretty clear in which way the winds are blowing.

The United Kingdom representatives of the Indian National Congress party (INC) met with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party, and “discussed the human rights situation in Kashmir.” True to its heritage as a political entity that was established by the British to entrench their power in India, the Congress party appears to be undermining Indian national interests abroad.

From the manner in which the tweet was worded by Corbyn and the conduct of other politicians of the Labour party, it appears quite obvious that the Labour politician hinted at his pro-Kashmiri separatist stance, which boils down to support for Islamic Jihad. That Congress party decided to associate itself with Corbyn, a politician with an extremely problematic history only proves that the fools march where angels fear to tread.

The UK branch of the Congress party has now come out and said that the meeting was held “to condemn the Kashmir resolution passed by his Party & to reiterate that J&K is an internal matter & outside intervention will not be accepted.” However, that’s not the impression one gets from reading Corbyn’s tweet.

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As a politician, Corbyn has an extremely chequered past. During the course of his life, Corbyn has backed the Irish Republican Army (IRA) which committed a series of acts of terrorism in its pursuit of freeing Ireland from Britain. Corbyn was the general secretary of the editorial board of the far-left journal Labour Briefing that supported IRA violence and explicitly backed the Brighton Hotel Bombing, which killed 5 people and maimed 31 others.

In 2015, on BBC Radio Ulster, Corbyn refused five times to specifically condemn IRA violence and terrorism. He hung up rather than answer the question. According to Leo McKinstry, a British historian and a journalist, writing for The Telegraph, Corbyn “is the man who sympathised with violent Irish Republicanism in the 1980s, invited IRA representatives to the Commons a fortnight after the Brighton bombing in 1984 and, at a Troops Out meeting in 1987, stood for a minute’s silence to “honour” eight IRA terrorists killed in an SAS ambush.”

Corbyn also has a reputation of being an antisemite. Corbyn once described a book as “brilliant” and “very controversial” that spoke of European finance was controlled by “men of a single and peculiar race”, that is, the Jews. The book, Imperialism: A Study, written by John Atkinson Hobson in 1902, describes the financial system as controlled by people “united by the strongest bonds of organisation, always in closest and quickest touch with one another, situated in the very heart of the business capital of every state, controlled, so far as Europe is concerned, by men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them many centuries of financial experience, they are in a unique position to control the policy of nations”.

The book also said that journalism and banking were dominated by Jews. The Board of Deputies of British Jews demanded a full explanation for Corbyn’s words and expressed “grave concerns” over what it called “pure and unequivocal racism and there can be no apology for it”.

Not merely that, Corbyn received payments upto £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV, a channel that participated in the filming of the tortured-forced confession of Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari. He appeared on the channel five times between 2009-12.

Corbyn has also lent his support to Raed Salah, a rabid Islamist with a morbid hatred for Jews. Salah once spread the ‘Blood Libel’ against Jews, the antisemitic slur that Jews use the blood of gentile children to make their bread. Not merely that, he was charged with inciting racial hatred and violence and claimed that Jews were behind 9/11. Corbyn said of him: ‘Salah is a very honoured citizen’, ‘Salah’s is a voice that must be heard’, ‘Salah is far from a dangerous man’, and ‘I look forward to giving you tea on the terrace because you deserve it!’.

In the past, Corbyn has referred to Hamas, radical Islamic terrorists, as ‘friends’, a statement which he later said he regretted but vowed that he would not stop talking with them. In return, Corbyn received a ringing endorsement and a “salute” from Hamas. “We have received with great respect and appreciation the solidarity message sent by the British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to the participants in the mass rally,” Hamas said in a statement.

Under Corbyn’s leadership, the Labour party has been accused of a series of allegations of antisemitism, allegations it has struggled to refute. Corbyn’s personal conduct over the years has led people to consider that he has a soft spot for Radical Islam. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that there’s a global alliance between the Left and Radical Islam.

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The Labour party in its entirety has taken an anti-India stand on Kashmir. The party has recently passed a unanimous motion on Kashmir at their conference in Brighton on September 25. The motion stated that Kashmir should be given the right of self-determination as per UN resolutions and urges the Labour party to ‘stand with Kashmiris fighting against occupation’.

Not merely that, Labour MP Liam Byrne was at the forefront of a March led by Pakistani mobs that vandalized the Indian High Commission in London. Byrne had previously vigorously supported the Pakistani stand on Kashmir, owing to his largely Muslim constituency.

Thus, we have the UK representatives of the Congress party meeting with a politician with a history of antisemitism, supporting violent terrorists such as the IRA who has an obvious soft spot for Radical Islamic terrorists such as the Hamas who he once referred to as ‘friends’. Moreover, his party which is grappling with rampant antisemitism in its ranks has once again taken the side of Radical Islamic terrorists on Kashmir.

The UK branch of the Congress party might claim that the purpose of the meeting was to get the Corbyn to disassociate his party from the anti-India rhetoric on Kashmir but Corbyn’s tweet on the matter made it pretty clear in which way the winds are blowing. And it’s pertinent to mention here that not even Congress sympathizers are buying what UK Congress is selling.

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