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From ‘Devi’ to ‘Chup Chudail’: Devdutt Pattanaik’s fall from grace with obnoxious tweets involving women

In an instance of remarkable irony, Pattanaik has written books titled 'Devi' and 'Lakshmi' and 'Book of Kali'. And yet, here we have him directing crass and creepy tweets at the mothers of those who mock or disagree with him.

Devdutt Pattanaik had a good run on social media. But of late, the ‘mythologist’ of the Wendy Doniger school of thought has been coming off as unhinged. On the 10th of October, which happened to be the Mental Health Day ironically enough, the author resorted to using language that could only ever be construed as evidence of his deteriorating mental health.

It is rather uncouth and vile to call a woman ‘chudail’ (witch) for a mere difference of opinion. However, it wouldn’t dent Pattanaik’s carefully constructed feminist credentials as in the left-liberal clown world, people can easily get away with treating women extremely poorly as long as they mouth off their favourite talking points.

As it so happens, it’s not the first time that Pattanaik has had a meltdown on social media. During the Padmavat controversy, the author believed it was a good idea to demonize the men of the society in which women performed Jauhar to avoid being defiled by Islamic barbarians. He accused Hindus who understood and respected the motivations of the women who performed Jauhar of being ‘marital rapists’ and claimed they just liked burning women.

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Pattanaik flirts with indecency with remarkable frequency. Recently, the ‘mythologist’ asked a person on Twitter if he was abused as a child for a caustic tweet.

On another occasion, Pattanaik told a woman that he was abusing ‘negative forces’ like her after she suggested that he needed some positive energy in his life.

Pattanaik also appears to be obsessed with the mothers of others. In one of his more horrendous tweets, the author replied to a twitter user’s query with ‘I will check with your mother’. It’s quite vulgar and wildly inappropriate but since he mouths off left-liberal talking points, he can get away with basically anything.

Image result for devdutt pattanaik vulgar tweets

Pattanaik appears to have made it a habit of involving the mothers of people who mock him on social media. It’s a rather unhealthy habit he picked up from gods know where.

Devdutt Pattanaik also appears to love accusing people of wanting to burn women. On a very particular date, the 17th of November, 2017 to be specific, he made a series of tweets with the exact same words: “You just like burning women”. He didn’t even bother to mix his words and just went with the flow. When your primary objective is demonizing your detractors, the specific content of tweets hardly matters I suppose.

Apart from his atrocious conduct on social media, his work has been criticized heavily for errors, manipulations and outright lies. He has been accused of misinterpreting Sanskrit texts and many believe he does so on purpose to peddle a particular version of Leftist political ideology.

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Pattanaik has also attempted to combat some of the morbid aspects of Leftist dogma, for which he has received some flak from people from that end of the political spectrum.

Pattanaik has also called out the anti-Brahmin bigotry that is rampant in Leftist circles and in some ways, tried to draw attention to Islamic intolerance that is always ignored by the Left ecosystem.

While Devdutt Pattanaik would like to view himself as someone who has transcended the barriers of the Left-Right divide, in reality, he is merely another prominent face of the Left-Liberal Clown World. While his tweets on one or maybe two issues voiced opinions that sensible people would agree with, the majority of them reflect opinions that are ostensibly deranged.

Combined with the fact that his work is filled with distortions that come across as a deliberate attempt to twist Hinduism to further a particular political agenda that aligns with the Left, it is understandable why even his good tweets go unappreciated. On a fundamental level, Pattanaik appears to have a rather weird way of directing his tweets at the women in the family of the people who are mocking him. This rather creepy behaviour is bound to put people off.

In an instance of remarkable irony, Pattanaik has written books titled ‘Devi’ and ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Book of Kali’. And yet, here we have him directing crass and creepy tweets at the mothers of those who mock or disagree with him.

In a world without social media, Pattanaik would most likely continue to be widely respected across the board. However, with its advent, it is impossible to keep the masks on for long. Many ‘intellectuals’ do labour under the delusion that they did everything by the book and therefore, like their predecessors, they should have gotten their due as well in terms of respect and adulation from people. The fact that they aren’t getting what they believe is owed to them is certainly driving some of them over the edge.

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