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Exit Polls suggest saffron dominance to continue in Maharashtra and Haryana

Votes will be counted on 24th October

As per the latest numbers trickling down from multiple exit polls, the BJP is all set to come back to power in both the states of Maharashtra and Haryana. All exit polls suggest that BJP will be in a comfortable position, perhaps in a better position in staking a claim at the government as compared to their standing in 2014 Vidhan Sabha elections.

Here are the exit poll numbers from top agencies for the two states:-

Maharashtra Exit Polls

Times Now Exit Poll

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For the state of Maharashtra, Times Now Exit Poll projected a whopping 230 seats to the BJP coalition while the alliance stitched by Congress is forecasted to get a paltry 48 out of the 288-member Vidhan Sabha assembly. The tally of other parties stands at 10.

India Today- My Axis Exit Poll

The India Today-My Axis exit poll has been slightly generous to the grand old party as it predicted 81 seats to the Congress alliance while forecasting 181 seats to the coalition formed by the saffron party. The number of seats procured by Others as per India Today-My Axis hovers around 25.

CNN News 18- IPSOS Exit Poll

According to the CNN News 18- IPSOS poll, the Devendra Fadnavis-led BJP government in Maharashtra is all set to come back to power with 243 seats while the opposition will be reduced to 45 in the 288 member Vidhan Sabha assembly.

ABP – C Voter Exit Poll

The NDA alliance stands at 204, while the Congress-led UPA alliance is poised to bag 69 seats in the recently concluded Maharashtra Assembly elections. ABP- C Voter has predicted 15 seats to smaller parties and an independent candidate.

TV9 Marathi

The exit poll conducted by regional news channel TV9 Marathi grants 197 seats to the BJP coalition while forecasting 75 seats for the Congress-NCP alliance.

Jan Ki Baat

Jan Ki Baat poll agency has forecasted BJP dominance in the state of Maharashtra with 223 seats to their alliance. The exit poll shows Congress languishing at 54 while others count remains at 11.

Haryana Exit Polls

Times Now Exit Poll

The Times Now exit poll claims that BJP coalition will sweep Haryana with 71 seats while Congress will be reduced to 11 seats from its previous tally of 15 seats in 2014 state assembly elections.


The IPSOS survey says BJP will secure 75 seats in the northern state of Haryana while Congress will grab 10 of the total 90 Vidhan Sabha seats.

TV9 Bharatvarsh

According to TV9 Bharatvarsh, the BJP alliance will bag 47 seats while the UPA alliance will get 23 seats. The exit poll suggests that other smaller parties may play an important part in forming the government in the state as their number will be close to 20.


The survey conducted by NewsX reveals that BJP alliance will score 77 of the 90 seats and comfortably form a government at the centre. The UPA’s relegation in the Lok Sabha elections will be mirrored in the Haryana state elections as NewsX survey predicts a meagre 11 seats from the coalition.

Jan Ki Baat

Jan Ki Baat predicts 57 Vidhan Sabha seats to BJP alliance in Haryana while grating 17 and 16 to the UPA and other parties respectively.

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