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The Washington Post headline on Baghdadi’s death: Another progressive step in the long march of liberalism

Gautama Buddha was an 'austere religious scholar'. Thus, quite obviously, austerity is not the problem here, Baghdadi's ideology is.

The Washington Post landed itself in a big soup on Sunday after announcing the death of the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, with a bizarre headline. The headline declared him an ‘austere religious scholar’, suggesting that his austerity was the real issue here. As expected, the headline caused a huge uproar on social media, following which Washington Post changed its headline.

Amusingly enough, the bizarre headline was not the original headline for the announcement. The first headline was good enough that described him as the ‘terrorist-in-chief’ but somehow, the media organization wasn’t comfortable with it and changed it to the bizarre one.

The whole fiasco does reveal the sickness that has gripped the Left and the globalist western media. Their hatred for normalcy and the natural order of things runs so deep that they would enthusiastically travel the extra mile to cover for the crimes of Radical Islamic terrorists. It’s important to note here that Washington Post was uncomfortable while calling Baghdadi the ‘terrorist-in-chief’ and changed that headline to call him an ‘austere religious leader’ instead. Why should any media organization hesitate to call Baghdadi a terrorist? Why should anyone feel uncomfortable calling him what he was? The answers to these questions reveal everything that is wrong with the Left.

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The objective of Washington Post’s bizarre headline was to use Baghdadi’s death to demonize religious people of every hue. Their intention was to deflect attention from radical Islam and shift the blame to austere religious beliefs. Their headline suggested that austere religious beliefs somehow inspire people to rape, pillage and kill ‘Kaafirs’, when all of us know that’s really not the case.

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India is home to a great many ‘austere religious scholars’. Austerity is an important aspect of all major religious faiths. The Jain and the Buddhist monks, Hindus Sadhus and Sanyasis, they lead very austere lives. But no one finds them threatening, no one could really argue that they are involved in an organized movement that uses terrorism to establish a global religious order that conforms to their ideals. Gautama Buddha was an ‘austere religious scholar’. Thus, quite obviously, austerity is not the problem here, Baghdadi’s ideology is.

For quite some time, it has been abundantly clear that the globalist Left is in bed with radical Islam. They have been operating as the propaganda wing of radical Islamic terrorists for a while now. They are so consumed by their hatred for the average citizen of their country that they are willing to ally with radical Islam to defeat them. They demonize their fellow citizens all the time while finding virtue in a vile genocidal rapist Jihadi.

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It’s not just the Washington Post that did it. While Washington Post called him ‘austere religious scholar’, Bloomberg, glorified al-Baghdadi by describing him as he was someone who came from a small village and then achieved great success against all odds. In India as well, we see the mainstream media try desperately to humanize terrorists. The Quint on Osama bin Laden’s sixth death anniversary looked at the terrorist’s roles as ‘a father and a husband’. Barkha Dutt, Queen of the Indian Left who is currently a columnist at the Washington Post, described terrorist Burhan Wani as the ‘son of school headmaster’.

The troubling matter here is the fact such behaviour is perfectly consistent with how they have been behaving all this time. It’s merely another step, another progress made in the long march of progressivism. The Far-Left umbrella organization Antifa has massive support among the Leftist establishment. Joe Biden, a Presidential aspirant from the Democrat part for 2020, described these violent goons who go around attacking everyone who disagrees with them as a “courageous group of Americans”. The mainstream media, too, works overtime to glorify them and brands anyone who opposes them a ‘fascist’.

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The media in India is continuously trying to corner the government on the abrogation of Article 370. The Indian government refuse to tolerate any longer an Islamic state within its territory and thus abrogated Article 370, however, the Left was horrified by the decision. The globalist Left, too, has been incessantly attacking the Indian government for its actions in Kashmir. What we see in Kashmir is radical Islam terrorism at its peak. However, the Leftist political establishment and the media want India to continue to tolerate such an atrocity.

The Washington Post’s headline on Baghdadi’s death was atrocious but it was only symptomatic of a larger problem here. The Left, all over the world, has decided to ally itself with radical Islam in order to achieve its objectives. It sees virtue in terrorist leaders while demonizing their own citizens legitimate concerns that they have. It’s an extremely dangerous path they have chosen to tread and it has the potential to lead to devastating consequences.

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