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USA: Violent Communist group Antifa, celebrated by Democrats and mainstream media, attacks gay journalist

The widespread support for Leftist hooliganism has become a feature of mainstream media worldwide

Gay Journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by members of the Far-Left terrorist group Antifa in Portland, USA while he was covering one of their recent rallies. He suffered serious injuries when he was attacked with what appears to be quick-drying cement.

Videos of the incident have since then gone viral. One such video was shared on Twitter by Jim Ryan, an Oregon based reporter who covers Portland. The video shows Andy being attacked with ‘milkshakes’ that are believed to actually contain quick-drying cement by the Police. Another Antifa member is seen hitting him with a solid object.

The Portland Police had confirmed on Twitter that some of the milkshakes thrown by Antifa activists during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement.

The attack has sparked widespread outrage and generated widespread condemnation from people across the political spectrum. However, the Far-Left which now dominates the Democrat party is openly justifying the attack on Andy with outright lies and fabrications while asserting that he deserved it due to his classical liberal political opinions.

Other Leftists are of the opinion that although Andy deserved to be punched, it was ‘bad strategy’ as it will now portray the Left in bad light.

It is important to note here that Antifa has been carrying out attacks against Trump supporters and conservatives for a long time. And yet, it’s only now when they have attacked a Gay journalist that their actions are being condemned. Until now, all their crimes have been swept under the rug.

The Antifa is not a fringe element in the Left. As stated earlier, the brand of Politics that the organization represents now dominates the Democratic party. They are blue-eyed boys in the liberal fraternity. While they were on a rampage against Trump supporters, the American Mainstream Media celebrated them and Democrat politicians and appointees congratulated and highly praised their actions.

It’s not a new phenomenon. The FBI under the Obama administration had classified Antifa’s actions as ‘domestic terror activities’. Despite their criminal track record, when US President Donald Trump remarked that both sides were at fault when Antifa clashed with Neo-Nazis at Charlottesville, the entire Left had vehemently criticized him for equating Antifa with Neo-Nazis. The mainstream Left openly supported Antifa despite the fact that they are just as genocidal as the other side.

Joe Biden, Vice President during Obama’s Presidency under which the FBI designated Antifa as carrying out terrorist activities, began his Presidential campaign for 2020 by calling the Far-Left group a “courageous group of Americans”. Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Convention, Keith Allison, openly supported Antifa by tweeting a picture of the book “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and saying that it would “strike fear in the heart of” Donald Trump. He has since then deleted the tweet, allegedly after the attack on Andy.

Don Lemon, another popular journalist at the CNN, strongly defended the Antifa in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots and justified their use of violence. “It says it right in the name: Antifa. Anti-fascism, which is what they were there (in Charlottesville) fighting,” he had said on his show on CNN. “Listen, no organization’s perfect. There was some violence. No one condones violence, but there were different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there. One, racists, fascists, the other group, fighting racist fascists. There is a distinction there,” he added.

As recently as April, CNN journalist Chris Cuomo had defended Antifa’s use of violence against Trump supporters and hailed them as heroes. “It’s not about being right in the eyes of the law,” Cuomo had said in Antifa’s defence, “but you also have to know what’s right and wrong in a moral, in a good and evil sense.” “That’s why people who show up to fight against bigots are not to be judged the same as the bigots, even if they do resort to the same kinds of petty violence,” he added.

The widespread support for Leftist hooliganism has become a feature of mainstream media worldwide. While the Indian mainstream media suppresses hate crimes against Hindus and mob violence by Muslims and continues to peddle the ‘Minorities under threat’ narrative, in the USA, the mainstream media openly justifies violence against Trump supporters and conservatives by Communist thugs.

With explicit support from the Democrat establishment, Antifa has only become more and more emboldened over the years. Last year, they attacked the residence of Fox News talk-show host Tucker Carlson chanting slogans and vandalized his home while his wife was inside terrified. It attracted condemnation then as well but did not prevent Democrats from withdrawing their continued support.

Even more concerning is the fact such far-left activists are even dictating social media policy. One far-left activist, Carlos Maza, who goes by the Twitter username @gaywonk, has openly advocated violence against conservatives on social media. He urged Antifa and other leftists to humiliate conservatives at every turn and make them scared to organize publicly.

It might shock readers to know but Social Media giants such as Google and Twitter are banning accounts and suspending the ability of YouTubers to monetize their accounts based on outrage generated by Maza and his associates. They are actively censoring mainstream conservative voices based on the objections raised by Maza and his ilk. Thus, Antifa is now directly dictating how everyone else uses social media. That is a cause of great concern.

The conduct of Antifa and the widespread support it has within the US political establishment only exposes the hypocrisy of the sermons it offers to other countries on tolerance and free speech. Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on lecturing India, the USA should look within and ponder upon why such a huge section of its youth are openly embracing violence. Instead of pointing fingers at Indian political parties, it should first try and hold members of the Democratic party accountable.

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