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12 March 1993: Twenty Seven Years later, like Sharad Pawar back then, the ‘secular’ establishment continues to invent lies to preserve ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’

On the anniversary of the tragedy twenty-seven years later, in 2020, we see a similar pattern of events unfolding.

Twenty-seven years ago, on this very day, the 12th of March, a series of blasts shook the city of Mumbai, then known as Bombay. The city suffered twelve blasts and over three hundred people lost their lives on that fateful day. Around fourteen hundred people were injured. The terrorist attack was orchestrated by Dawood Ibrahmin’s gang and his aide Yakub Memon was convicted for his involvement and eventually hanged to death.

Apart from the monstrosity of Islamic terrorism, what was revealed that day but not often spoken about was the perversity of Indian secularism whose mask fell off that day. Sharad Pawar, hailed by the mainstream media as a great protector of ‘secularism’, invented a mythical 13th bomb blast that day to preserve ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’. In order to protect ‘Hindu-Muslim harmony’, Sharad Pawar claimed that a 13th blast had occurred at Masjid Bunder. Apparently, he did so because the twelve actual blasts had all occurred in Hindu-dominated areas. Later, Sharad Pawar boasted that he was praised for his lie by the Justice Srikrishna Commission.

Sharad Pawar claimed that his lie could have saved lives because Hindus thought that Muslims were victims too and hence communal violence was avoided. Testifying before the Srikrishna Commission, he even tried to pin the bomb blasts on LTTE. This lie also, he claimed, was told to avoid Hindu-Muslim clashes. Sharad Pawar had also said that he had lied that the material used in the bombing is used by terrorists from the south to mislead people.

On the anniversary of the tragedy twenty-seven years later, in 2020, we see a similar pattern of events unfolding. The mainstream media and the ‘secular’ political establishment have embarked upon a mission to paint the Delhi anti-Hindu communal riots as a ‘pogrom’ against the Muslim community of India. Despite all evidence to the contrary, an effort is being made to paint the Muslim community as victims across the board while the Hindu victims of the said riots are brushed under the carpet.

Despite the fact that Hindus suffered great losses to life and property, the secular media-political establishment has decided to turn a blind eye to their plight while they weep only for one community. The brutal murder of Dilbar Negi, whose limbs were chopped off before he was set on fire, or Intelligence Bureau constable Ankit Sharma, who was stabbed for over 400 times and his body mutilated beyond belief, fails to attract the sort of condemnation it is deserving of. The secular media-political establishment has made it clear, they shall make every effort to deny that there ever were any victims among Hindus in the riots. That badge shall be handed over to the Muslim community alone.

The establishment also denies that Hindu Temples were attacked in the riots despite evidence staring at them right to their face. Propagandists at Scroll claimed that 14 Mosques and a Dargah were attacked in the said riots but asserted that no Hindu Temples were attacked. It was patently a lie as OpIndia itself has reported that a Shiv Mandir at Moonga Nagar near Chand Bagh came under attack by an Islamist mob during the riot. Newslaundry has gone a step ahead and labeled Opindia’s report ‘fake news’. It was despite the fact that they had spoken with the caretaker of the Temple who told them that stones were pelted at the roof of the Temple and he had locked himself up in his home, fearing for the lives of his daughters and the rest of his family.

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Even the blame for the communal riots is being placed at the feet of Hindus. Delhi has been in the grip of violence since December and yet when it reached its peak during the communal riots, Kapil Mishra was blamed for it by the media-political establishment. There is enough evidence to indicate that a sinister plot was underway to destabilize the country. Sharjeel Imam who masterminded the Shaheen Bagh protests and wanted Muslims to cut off North East India from the rest of the country, the Jamia ‘sheroes’ who gave a call for Jihad, Harsh Mander who incited Muslims against the Indian State, the far-left organization Pinjra Tod which stands accused of inciting violence by Leftists themselves and urging Muslim women to block road no. 66 at Jafrabad, all of them have contributed to the violence at the national capital and yet, the media-political establishment seeks to pin the blame for the riots on a Hindu, Kapil Mishra.

The propaganda by the media-political establishment is reminiscent of the lie Sharad Pawar said for the sake of ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’. It appears that the fabled ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’ mandates that Hindus can never be the victims of communal riots and Muslims must also be shown to be victims of Islamic Terror Attacks in addition to whitewashing the nature of the Islamic terror attacks in the first place. The former is precisely the same mentality that led to the drafting of the Communal Violence Bill which promulgated that Hindus must be the presumptive guilty party in any communal riots.

Just as Sharad Pawar invented a 13th bomb blast to whitewash the nature of the Mumbai Terror Attack, the secular media-political establishment today has invented a false narrative over the Delhi anti-Hindu riots to paint Hindus as the sole aggressors and Muslims as the sole victims of the said riots. Twenty-seven years have passed, but the perversity of the establishment has not been remedied. And the establishment is perverted beyond repair, beyond any conceivable scope of redemption.


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