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After accusations of Congress paying fisherman for photo-op emerge, ‘journalists’ fawn over Rahul Gandhi, question why others in media are not as smitten

The alleged journalists, who were mighty impressed with Rahul Gandhi's swimming theatrics in Kerala, however, questioned the media in the country over the lack of coverage of Rahul Gandhi's brave act.

Even as Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi is accused of staging the so-called ‘swimming’ event in Kerala by paying the fisherman for a photo-op, the so-called ‘neutral journalists’ in the country are now fawning over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘brave jump’ into the Arabian sea.

On Wednesday, Congress leader and Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi took part in a fishing exercise in poll-bound Kerala’s Kollam district. During the exercise, Rahul Gandhi jumped into the sea along with fishermen as they cast their nets.

However, a day later, sensational details had emerged alleging that the entire event was a pre-planned drama and the fishermen were paid to play their parts in this event. The fishermen who had witnessed Rahul Gandhi’s theatrics on Thursday had made some sensational disclosure saying that the Congress party had staged the whole event and had paid money to fishermen who accompanied him.

Rather than posing tough questions to Rahul Gandhi, the journalists were caught praising Rahul Gandhi for jumping into the sea. The alleged journalists, who were mighty impressed with Rahul Gandhi’s swimming theatrics in Kerala, however, questioned the media in the country over the lack of coverage of Rahul Gandhi’s brave act.

Sunetra Choudhury, a former NDTV anchor who now works with Hindustan Times, was in awe of Rahul Gandhi’s swimming event in Kerala. Instead of challenging Rahul Gandhi over his repeated lies over ‘Fishing Ministry’ or confronting him on the allegations of the staged event, Sunetra Choudhury asked her followers on social media whether someone had seen the footage of Rahul Gandhi.

Vinod Kapri, a self-proclaimed journalist, lamented over the non-coverage of Rahul Gandhi’s event in Kerala. Attacking media over the lack of coverage, Kapri claimed that media would have referred to the person as a ‘superman’ or ‘waterman’ if it was someone other than Rahul Gandhi.

Following Vinod Kapri, his wife Sakshi Joshi also cried over media not discussing Rahul Gandhi’s swimming theatrics at the Arabian Sea on Thursday. According to Joshi, Rahul Gandhi jumped into the sea without wearing a life jacket, however, the media did not discuss this whole scene.

Echoing similar sentiments as Kapri, Sakshi Joshi, who has now turned into a YouTuber, said that media would have given space to Rahul Gandhi and would hail him as ‘Aqua Man’, ‘Bahubali’ if it was somebody else. Amusingly, Joshi claimed that it was the media’s job to show the opposition.

It is strange that the so-called journalists in the country, who are supposed to keep a check on the political class, have chosen to worship politicians like Rahul Gandhi and enable him to peddle political propaganda without any accountability. The ‘left-liberal’ journalists, who often claim to be the epitome of ‘neutral’ journalism in the country, are now sad that Rahul Gandhi’s PR events neither have an audience nor being promoted by the media networks.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘swimming’ event was staged, says a report

A day after Rahul Gandhi’s trip to Kerala’s Kollam, there were reports that the entire ‘fishing’ expedition of Rahul Gandhi and the subsequent ‘swimming’ event at sea was a pre-planned event. The fishermen who had witnessed the event had alleged that they were paid Rs 30,000 to accompany Rahul Gandhi to the sea on Wednesday.

According to a report from Deshabhimani, a Malayalam newspaper owned by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), two ‘sea farmers’ R Robin, who hails from Mothakkara and Biju Sebastian, a resident of Vaddy, were eyewitnesses to the fishing expedition of Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday. Speaking to the media, the two fishermen said that the whole fishing expedition of Rahul Gandhi was nothing but a PR event and the ‘swimming in the sea’ theatrics of the Gandhi-scion was a pre-planned act.

Robin, who saw fishermen’s group leaving the shores from Kollam on Thursday with Rahul Gandhi, said the drama was staged, and they were paid Rs 30,000 to accompany Rahul Gandhi. According to Robin, Rahul Gandhi did not join the fisherfolks for any fishing expedition at sea as they had already brought a load of fishes much before his arrival. Robin said Rahul Gandhi arrived at six in the morning and boarded the fishing boats. He said that fishing boats were already filled with the fishes.

Another fisherman Biju, confirming the same, said there was no sincerity in Rahul Gandhi’s gesture. If he had sincerity he should have been prepared to see the sufferings of the fishermen first hand, said Biju adding that fishermen usually jump into the water to prevent the fish from escaping from their nets.

The fishing fiasco of Rahul Gandhi had come just days after he was openly caught spreading lies about the country not having a separate fishing ministry. 

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