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Vulture politics and propaganda: Usual suspects descend to Lakhimpur Kheri after ‘protesting farmers’ attack BJP workers killing 8

As long as one appears concerned about 'poor farmers' while enjoying a Sunday brunch at luxury hotels in Lutyen's Delhi it helps the ecosystem evolve.

If our politicians and propagandists masquerading as ‘journalists’ and ‘fact-checkers’ are anything to go by, any incident can be turned into a political point, especially in an election-bound state. On Sunday, the so-called farmers at Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh reportedly attacked a car carrying BJP workers. As per Minister of State A K Mishra, the ‘farmers’ pelted stones and attacked the convoy. Because of which, the driver lost control and the car overturned killing two ‘protestors’. Angered, the ‘farmers’ then attacked the BJP workers killing at least four BJP workers.

In disturbing videos that have now gone viral, one can see the mob of ‘protesting farmers’ are attacking and beating up people with sticks. It is not yet clear whether the person beaten brutally has made it alive or succumbed to injuries.

However, the usual suspects, before details in the case emerged, had already started working on the toolkit that ‘BJP leader’s son deliberately ran over protesting farmers’.

‘Murderous attack’ on farmers who can be seen beating up BJP workers because BJP workers, ‘Sanghis’ are so dehumanised that they are dispensable for the ‘liberals’ and they ‘deserve it’ for not agreeing to their political ideology. Anyone who does not agree with the BJP by default becomes champion of justice and human rights. So what if they have a stone in one hand a sword to behead you in another.

The Wire journalists are also playing well by pulling the emotional strings.

As long as one appears concerned about ‘poor farmers’ while enjoying a Sunday brunch at luxury hotels in Lutyen’s Delhi it helps the ecosystem evolve.

Speaking of ecosystem, here come the ‘fact-checkers’.

Zubair of Alt News perhaps thinks it is better to tweet unverified information that could instigate violence than wait for more information before putting it out, like he does. Recently, Mohammad Zubair posted a muted video of an elderly man from Ghaziabad claiming that he was beaten up by a Hindu mob and forced to chant Jai Shri Ram and also had his beard cut off. Subsequent investigation revealed it was not communal incident, elderly Muslim man was not asked to chant Jai Shri Ram and he was beaten up by his coreligionists over a ‘taveez’ (amulet) that had gone awry. Turns out the elderly man was an occultist too.

So, news agencies should immediately post unverified news or be accused of posting ‘government version’ if they wait for more details to emerge. Otherwise, our friends at Alt News will hound you and then mock, abuse you for not toeing their line.

Why should professional politicians be left behind?

Some mediapersons and ‘fact-checkers’ may work for the politicians and help them further their narrative by tweeting, writing propaganda pieces, sometimes even in international publications. This, while give them a misplaced sense of importance and entitlement that they are ‘speaking truth to power’, like one absolute psychotic woman who writes in Gulf-based publication thinks. However, it is more like working as unofficial mouthpiece of politicians who throw crumbs at them.

But then, there are actual politicians. They wait for incidents of violence, rapes to take place so that they can rush to spot to offer condolences and solidarity. If the incident takes place in a poll-bound state where they are in opposition, even better. And if there are caste or religious undertones, then it is a full-fledged lottery for politicians. Let me explain how:

Soon after the protesting ‘farmers’ attacked BJP workers, news emerged on social media that ‘farmers were run over deliberately by son of Union Minister and BJP leader’. This was before the videos emerged where the said ‘farmers’ are beating up the BJP workers who are so dehumanised by propagandists and Islamists who openly call for their killing for ‘being fascist’. Ironically, they are doing exactly what they are accusing BJP/’Sanghis’ of doing: dehumanising someone they don’t agree with.

Anyway, so ‘farmers killed deliberately by BJP leader’s son’ is a great premise for opportunists in a state where elections are due in few months.

Priyanka Gandhi, Congress General Secretary immediately decided to go to Lakhimpur Kheri. Fans of the Nehru-Gandhi family immediately heaped praises on her and like clockwork compared her to her grandmother, Indira Gandhi.

Since younger India is unaware of a lot of things done by The Family, here’s what ‘Belchi incident’ is. Indira Gandhi’s political stunt right after the Emergency was lifted was her visit to Patna-Nalanda border in Bihar in 1977. In an age-old caste war, 14 dalits were murdered there. Indira, who was facing a lot of public anger over Emergency, took no time to grab this ‘opportunity’. She rushed to Belchi riding an elephant. Friendly media even at that time splashed pictures of Indira Gandhi and as a result, in the next elections Indira regained power handsomely.

So, Priyanka, other than ‘having her grandmother’s nose’ also has her political acumen and hence, whenever some incident that can be exploited takes place in India, she rushes and friendly media then splashes her pictures, juxtaposing them with that of her grandmother in much adulation.

2019 Belchi moment of Priyanka

But just like how every few months Rahul Gandhi reinvents himself and comes of age to be the new leader, Priyanka Gandhi, too, has her ‘Belchi moment’ every few months now.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was recently named the senior observer for Uttar Pradesh elections by Congress. Which is why, even when his own government is on the verge of collapsing due to internal fighting between various Congress leaders in his state, Baghel rushes to Uttar Pradesh to take stock of situation. This is classic case of aag lage basti mein, main apni masti mein (let the village burn while I party).

Here’s more. From who’s who to who even is he/she – everyone has only Lakhimpur Kheri as destination for today.

Khan Market gang who likes to mock ‘Noida media’ while wining and dining in Delhi’s (and sometimes Paris) elite restaurants and cafes, was also upset at security placed outside former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav’s house.

Yadav, too, wants to go to Lakhimpur Kheri to win some political brownie points ahead of elections. And of course, like five years back, friendly media is being helpful.

Lakhimpur Kheri: Everything can be political if right opportunity arises

One would have to be really naive to believe that these vultures masquerading as politicians and political mouthpieces have a common man’s welfare in the heart of their heart. Here is a small example. In September this year, social media was filled with hashtags where some ‘liberals’ were demanding justice for one Rabiya Saifi, a Delhi Civil Defence worker, who was allegedly raped and murdered. One web portal called ‘MuslimMirror’ claimed that she was ‘gang raped’ and her breasts cut off, neck was slit and private parts were mutilated.

Pakistani journalists also joined in to paint India as intolerant country where Muslims are victimised only for their religion. Columnist with Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint also chimed in. Except, the man who allegedly killed Rabiya was one Nizamuddin who claimed to have married the woman. Nizamuddin, while surrendering had said he was married to Rabiya. Both the families seemed unaware about the relationship. However, Nizamuddin was suspecting Rabiya of having an affair with her senior Ravindra Mehra and on doubting her character, he killed her.

Soon after, the calls for justice dissipated. Now, Rabiya no longer needed justice because the prime accused was Nizamuddin. This just shows that these ‘liberals’ and justice warriors do not care about the crime or the victim, but about the religion and caste of victim. If the equation does not play up, they lose interest.

In Lakhimpur Kheri incident, since at least 4 BJP workers were also killed in the violence which was sparked after the convoy was attacked by protesting ‘farmers’, it might be just a matter of time before the politicians return back to the comfort of their air conditioned homes. Or take off to Shimla for another vacation.

Only time will tell, but we will keep you posted.

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