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Ahmedabad: RJ Devang ‘arrested’ by Police for illegally lending money to two rickshaw pullers? Know about the mega awareness drive

Gujarat Police has started a mega drive to create awareness about the illegal moneylenders and RJ Devang's 'arrest' video was one such video made for the purpose of creating awareness.

The famous RJ of Ahmedabad has been ‘caught’ by Police in Ahmedabad in illegal money lending case. Shocked? Here is what happened.

Since yesterday, a video is going viral on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram, in which RJ Devang of Ahmedabad, is clearly seen asking two rickshaw pullers to pay money on interest.

RJ Devang had offered the two rickshaw pullers ten percent interest of Rs 10,000 each for a day. In this video, he said that right now they are giving him nine thousand rupees in cash and in the evening both of them will have to return ten thousand rupees to him. RJ Devang is also saying that as long as he is there, the two rickshaw pullers need not worry about money.

While this conversation is still going on, we can see in this video that an officer of Ahmedabad Police comes there and this RJ is caught by the Police. The policeman asked RJ Devang if he has a license to lend money to people on interest. Failing to answer this question, RJ Devang is asked to be detained by the officer. The officer then advises the rickshaw drivers that instead of taking money from any person on interest in this way, the necessary money can be taken on loan by taking advantage of various schemes of the Government of Gujarat.

However, this entire video is part of an awareness campaign being run by the Gujarat Police of Ahmedabad in collaboration with the popular RJ, Devang. In Gujarat, the number of people lending illegal money and putting high and unusual interest rates on it has increased tremendously for the last many years. Not only this, there have been numerous cases where despite the payment of both capital and interest, the interest-seekers used to demand more money by torturing the person physically and mentally.

In such cases, many have attempted suicide because of the vicious debt cycle, and many of them have lost their lives as they could not bear the torture of the people who were extorting patient in this way. As such incidents were rampant across Gujarat, the Gujarat government and the Gujarat Police came into action earlier this year i.e. from January 5. A mega drive has been launched against the defaulters of illegal money.

In this mega drive, celebrities like RJ Devang not only join the Gujarat Police and spread awareness, but the Gujarat Police itself also organizes the lok darbar. In this lok darbar, people who are troubled by interest-seekers file their complaints with experts and police officers with no hesitation or fear and the police take immediate action on them.

Apart from this, people in this lok darbar who really need money and are eligible to take loans are also informed about the various money lending schemes of the Gujarat government. During the mega drive of the Gujarat Police, a large number of illegal moneylenders from all over Gujarat have been arrested in this one-and-a-half months, including some political leaders.

The police have not only registered an FIR against such illegal money lenders and arrested them but also recovered chequebooks, diaries, mobiles, vehicles, and other documents of their debtors from these people, which have been seized and further action has been taken.

RJ Devang has made viral a video of “the famous RJ of Ahmedabad being caught by the Gujarat Police” to spread awareness, but it is equally important that people also take care of these things. To meet small financial needs, one should give the first preference to government financial institutions or banks, if this is not possible, then decide to take loans from government-licensed financial institutions.

If you know an illegal money lender who seeks interests, then you can not only save many people from mental and physical torture by contacting the Gujarat Police immediately, but in some cases, you can also save their precious lives.

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